Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014's Top Three

Today is December 31.  In just a few hours, the clock will strike twelve, and 2014 will already have passed.  But before that happens, let me spend some time writing about the top 3 highlights of my bestest year so far. :)

1.  My HK-Macau Valentine Trip with Hubby.  Of course we've already been to Hong Kong before but it was our first time in Macau! :)  My favorites include our visit to St. Paul's Ruins and our private gondola ride at The Venetian.  
I was looking for my blog entry about this trip so I could link it here, but I realized I wasn't able to write anything at all! :(

2. Our Tokyo Travel.  The best part?  Cherry blossoms and Hachiko! :)  And needless to say, the company of my darling officemates and friends! I would also have included Tokyo Disneysea if not for the horrendous queues we had to endure just to experience the rides. 
The nest time I'll be flying to Japan, it's going to be hubby already! :)

3.  God Granting #DreamNumber1.  Nothing could beat this, our most awaited blessing has come, and she's now rapidly growing in my tummy.  Thank You Lord for this sweet gift of life! :)
Little Munchkin and I are already 25 weeks along today! :)

These are only my top 3, but God has showered me and Rolly with countless other blessings this year! He's really the best, answering our prayers in the most perfect time, and giving us many other things we never even knew we needed or wanted.  I can only look forward to 2015 with a big smile on my face, knowing fully well that it will be another wonderful year.  Maraming salamat po, Panginoon!  Sa lahat lahat lahat. :)


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