Sunday, January 18, 2015

Childbirth Class by Rome Kanapi: Day 3

Today was the day with the most practical learnings so far! :) The best one for me, I think, was the step by step process on what usually happens when the about-to-pop mommy gets to the hospital on D-Day.  

from :)

  1. Hubby will bring me straight to the hospital's delivery room (instead of the E.R.).
  2. An internal exam (ouch!) will be done by the resident doctor.
  3. The fetal heart rate will be checked and closely monitored.  My blood pressure, too.
  4. I will be asked questions such as my (and hubby's) blood type and Rh factor, my menstrual cycle history, medical history, etc.  To make my life easier, it's advised to just bring an accomplished info sheet (included in our class handouts); best to prepare 5 copies.
  5. While the Q&A is happening, hubby could already do the room selection.  TIP: find out the room's cutoff hours!  In case I'll be at the hospital at 11pm and the cutoff is 12am, it's better to wait for an hour than pay for the short amount of time spent in the room before the cutoff.
  6. I'll be asked to change to the hospital gown.
  7. Admission.

We also tackled enema, amniotomy (rupturing of the bag), and ways to induce labor if it's taking a while. The class was also divided into groups of three couples to discuss the medical pathway versus the physiologic pathway during labor; for instance, IV fluids for hydration and energy versus drinking fluid or eating as desired.

That's it for session 3! :) And oh, by the way, there were freebies!!! Yahoo! Thank you, Mustela! :)

I haven't tried any Mustela product yet but despite that, I think this could be my brand of choice.
The lady from Mustela explained the science behind the products so well, I was pretty convinced! :)



  1. hi! would you have a number for ms. rome kanapi?


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