Saturday, January 24, 2015


It’s been two weeks since we became “helpless.”  Our helper, Ate Beth, left poor Rolly and me, and we’ve become tired and worn out ever since.  No, she did not leave because we were such horrible employers; she did because of health reasons.  Her blood pressure was unpredictable, making her okay one moment and extremely dizzy and cold the next.  She did not want to burden us anymore with her unexpected ‘can’t-get-out-of-bed-today’ days. If I may cite an example,  on the day before Christmas just as she was about to go on vacation, she suddenly felt nauseous and threw up many times, making us rush her to the hospital. :( Haay. 

Now I am seven months pregnant, it’s not very easy for me to just hop out of bed and do the chores all of a sudden because our yaya’s sick.  Not to mention I'm such a lazybones these days. All I want to do is sleep, sleep, and sleep more. 

Rolly and I are now back to Tag Team mode, just like the old days when I wasn’t pregnant yet.  I’d do all the cooking while he takes care of the rest, hehe, like dishwashing, feeding and cleaning after our dog Blair, cleaning the house, et cetera.  It’s been an exhausting two weeks for Rolly especially.  I’m just glad I’m married to a very responsible and loving man.  One who wouldn’t even want me to lift a finger, if he only knew how to cook.  :) 

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If I see a falling star tonight, my wish would be for us to find a good replacement for ate Beth. Someone who will take good care of us (who are low maintenance anyway), one whom we can trust, one who will treat us like family. Help us find her, Lord. I know You will. 

We didn't need to wait long.  We already have a new helper!  She arrived last Wednesday, Jan 28. 
Thank You so much, Lord! :) Hoping she's the one! :)

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