Monday, January 19, 2015

My Supersized Feet

BIG TUMMY - check!
WIDER HIPS - check!
FAT ARMS & LEGS - check!

Now another part of my body has joined the bandwagon - my feet. What used to be a 6 (sometimes even 5 and a half) have now grown to a sad 7 or even 8 in some brands. :( I knew my feet were growing coz I could already feel the serious discomfort with my old shoes, but man I wasn't expecting that significant jump in size. The other day, hubby and I were at the mall looking for new pairs for my now much stouter feet, and I was shocked when they couldn't even slip through a seven. The length of the footwear was ok, but the part where the mid-foot strap was felt way too snug. I asked for size 8, same thing happened. :( Oh well, after denial comes depression, then goes acceptance. I got to the acceptance phase, I've moved on (hahaha, kala mo breakup).

I just wish that after Little Munchkin pops out, my feet, at least, would go back to their normal size. A five-foot woman with elephant feet doesn't look cute. =/

Update on November 11, 2015
Today, 7 and a half months after giving birth, my feet have not completely returned to their normal size.  I was size 6 before pregnancy, now I'm at size 6.5, and I think it's staying for good. 


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