Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Nursery Project

Dear Little Munchkin,

How's my 27-week old baby girl? :)  You've been so active today!  I wonder if you're aware of the special project your dad and I have started working on --- your nursery room! :)  

It officially kicked off yesterday when we went to the mall to buy painting tools --- a set of brushes, a roller, plus buckets of paint. The room we've reserved for you had cream-colored walls and an ecru closet, and I've always wanted to color them differently for you.  Guess what paint I chose?  Because you're a sweet, little girl, I picked white and pink!  How predictable, I knooow. =D  Hehe.  Hope you'll like it when you're big enough to know colors, darling. :)

Today is a holiday, but it's been a no-rest day for your dad.  He woke up early this morning to start lining up the floors with old newspapers, in preparation for his painting job today.  He started at around 9 am, and up until this moment (it's past 9 pm now as I write), he's still in the room painting the walls, your walls.

Left Photo: Rolly doing the first coat of the white wall and closet.
Right Photo: Him working on the pink wall.

See how much your daddy loves you, Munchkin?  He hasn't even taken a shower yet!  Hahaha. =D  I could feel how tired he is, only resting when it's time to eat, but he's not complaining. After all, it's his little girl's room he's prepping up. :)  Say  "thank you daddy" when you can already talk, will you? :)

We love you baby!  We can't wait to finish this project for you.  We hope you'll find it pretty and cozy, perfect for deep sleeps (so that mommy and daddy can steal long naps, too! ;)


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