Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Third Trimester

Dear baby munchkin,

You are now on your 28th week in my tummy, and this means we're already in our third trimester! :) Yippee! Good job, darling!  We're now in the homestretch of pregnancy, just a few more weeks to go! :)

Just hang in there, okay?  Please don't come out until we've reached 37 weeks at least!  I want you to be healthy and strong and fully developed before you face the outside world.  If you get bored, you're more than welcome to do some kickboxing in there, I won't mind at all.  :) And during your silent moments, do not forget to say your little prayer to Papa Jesus so that you two will get closer and closer each day.  Okay, baby doll?  We love you! 

You and me today, at 28 weeks :)


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