Sunday, February 1, 2015

Childbirth Class by Rome Kanapi: Day 5

The 5th session of Ms. Rome's Preparation for Childbirth classes is a relatively serious one.  Why?  We talked about birthing complications!  Like, what will be the problems that can lead to cesarian section, as well as the conditions where moms could still go through a normal spontaneous delivery.  I took a photo of the board in class so I didn't have to take down notes.  Hehe.

After the detailed discussion, we watched a film about the Stages of Labor.  As mentioned in a previous post, I knew I needed to prepare my nerves for this. 

You might think I overacted, but I did cry discreetly in some parts of the video, especially the part where the mommy's in so much pain during labor.  I called my tears "tears of fear."  Hehe. Good thing it also showed the happiness in her face upon seeing her baby for the first time.  I imagined a thought bubble saying "It was all worth it."  Haaay, the love of a mother.  I can't wait to feel that feeling, too (the joy ha, I'm not looking forward to the pain, hehe).

So, next week will be the last session!  And we were told it will all be about the next several days after delivery --- newborn care!  Yaaay, I'm going to enjoy that sesh! :)


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