Sunday, February 8, 2015

Childbirth Class by Rome Kanapi: Day 6

It was our last session this morning! And as planned, today was no longer about pregnancy and childbirth. Today was dedicated for newborn care: breastfeeding, diapering, and swaddling, among others.

Here, Ms. Rome was demonstrating how to clean the baby after s/he pees or poops, and how to put on a diaper. :)
Then it was the daddies' turn! :)  Kyle and Jason were putting on their sons' nappies,
while my hubby worked on our little girl. :)

More than the mommies, Ms. Rome focused on teaching the dads.  Hehe.  She emphasized how important the husband's help and support will be after the wifey delivers the little one.  I appreciated those words very much, though I know how supportive Rolly will be even without anyone telling him. :)

And, after all the demos and practice, we watched a 20-minute video about breastfeeding.

Though the film made it look like breastfeeding's easy peasy, I know better.  I've never talked to any mommy who didn't say how challenging it is in the first few weeks.  Some friends even told me that they didn't cry during labor, but they did while breastfeeding.  Scaaary!  I'll be needing more preps for this.  I am really, really determined to breastfeed our Little Munchkin. As they say, breast is best! :)

And that's it! :) We ended the morning with the awarding of certificates.........
Here's ours, yaaay! :)

......... and EATING!!!  Each couple brought something to share with the group, so there was sooooo much food! :) There were different kinds of pasta, pizza, roast beef, arroz caldo, mamon, cakes, and ice cream. Obviously, I wasn't able to take a photo because I was busy eating, and that was my priority at that moment.  Hahaha. =D

Overall, we had a very wonderful 6-Sunday experience learning from Ms. Rome Kanapi.  The fee was very sulit, our weekly trip to Quezon City all the way from the south of the metro was all worth it.  I would definitely recommend expectant couples to take her classes!  She's very warm and accommodating, in fact, she told the class that even after today, we can still call or text her if we have questions.  She even encouraged us to create a Facebook group so everyone could keep in touch. :)  Nice, di ba?

So that's about it!  I hope I would be able to remember everything we learned when labor day arrives. Wish me luck! :)


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