Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Little Munchkin in 3D

For mommies and daddies to be, perhaps one of the biggest mysteries after the 'gender reveal' is how the baby looks like.  Will s/he take after daddy, mommy, or will s/he be a mix of both?  Well, for Rolly and I, those questions have already been answered.  We already saw our baby in 3D! :)

Look at that nose! :) That is undeniably Rolly's! :)  The lips, too!
Weeee!  Little Munchkin is smiling at mommy and daddy! :)
And then she's back to serious mode. Hehe. =D

I've always imagined my daughter to look like me, but basing it on these photos, I guess it's pretty obvious that she looks like her daddy.  When I was a baby, my nose was teeny-weeny, and nowhere will you find a prominent bridge.  The lips, we're guessing, are also Rolly's, because I don't have a shapely upper lip like that.  Hehe.  Because Little Munchkin's eyes are still shut, there's no way to tell if they're mine or her daddy's.  If they come out to be chinky, haaaaay naku naman, wala nang nakuha sa akin!  The eyes and the brows are my last chance!  Please please please! =D

We had Munchkin's 3D and 4D scan at In My Womb, Mall of Asia.  We actually had to go back there three times, because the sonologist couldn't take good pictures 'coz our baby would always cover her face with her hands and feet!  I wonder if she's just shy, or that contortionist-ish pose is her default position in my uterus. Hehe.  Good thing that In My Womb allows up to 4 re-scans if the baby's not being cooperative.  

Oh Little Munchkin, we love you very much! :)  We can't wait to see you in the flesh!  But for now, we'll just be content looking at these photos of yours.  We've got about 6 to 9 weeks to go! :)


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