Sunday, March 22, 2015

Munchkin's Board

Munchkin and I are very close to full-term!  Yippee!  Beginning Wednesday, she can decide to come out anytime! But before that happens, I'm trying to prepare her stuff as much as my time allows me to.  Her room was 90% ready this morning, but now the 'readiness'  is up to 95%!  The additional 5 is because of this --- her very own baby board! :) (Uhmmm yes, you can say that everything after 90% is, in reality, a non-essential. =P)

Tadaaaa! :)  You think it's creative?  No thanks to my own hands. =D
I was only responsible for the letter cutouts and the printed text.  

Have you spotted our little munchkin's name?  This is the first time ever that I'm sharing this... our baby is going to be named RIELLA NOELLE as you can see on the board.  :)  We picked Riella because it means God is my strength and it sounds like Rolly's name.  Noelle, on the other hand, was a random choice.  We just thought it sounds nice and sweet. :)  As for her nickname, it will be Lia. 

The board is pretty empty at the moment.  We plan to fill this up with mementos as Lia grows up. :)

This is where I will write down our baby's birthday, the time of birth, her weight, and length.
It doesn't say anything now for obvious reasons. :)

We will hang her photos here.  Perhaps her first smile captured on camera,
pictures of her tiny hands and feet, or her pupu face (excuse me, squeamish friends haha). 

1 Samuel 1:27.  This is very true. Lia is the product of our daily and nightly prayers.
There was never a day that we didn't ask for this miracle when we began trying to conceive.
The Lord has granted us what we asked of Him. :)


Thanks hubby for helping me put this up on Munchkin's wall! :) I'm sure she will love it! :)


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