Thursday, March 26, 2015

Officially on Maternity Leave

Yesterday marked my 37th week of pregnancy, which means Little Munchkin has officially reached full term in my womb! :)  Yippee!  It's perfect that today is Day One of my official hiatus from work, so just in case the little one decides to come out anytime, I'll be at the comfort of our own home.

I spent the morning reviewing the contents of munchkin's hospital bag, looking at and re-folding her newly bought clothes, reading the user's manual of her new bottle sterilizer and warmer, and fixing some of her other stuff in the baby room.  Then in the absence of anything left to do, I went to bed and decided to reminisce the days when Rolly and I were still praying for a baby.  I visited my Instagram feed and found this, a post from 37 weeks ago.  That fateful day when Little Munchkin was probably conceived or was about to be conceived.

I remembered how I must be feeling when I posted this. I was probably very anxious, asking when our little one would come, but at the same time very excited, because I had always known God would answer our incessant prayer just because He had promised. :)  And now, 37 weeks later, here I am, feeling our already full-term baby kicking and wiggling inside me.  I am now on my second wave of waiting, but this time, it's not just me and Rolly. Our baby doll is also waiting for her perfect time to come out, and I bet she's as ready and as excited as we are.  I could already feel her getting into position and swimming her way down into my pelvis, you know. :)

Dear God, I'd like to thank You again and again and again for this HUGE blessing of life.  Our baby is not yet out in this world, but I could already feel so much love in my heart for her it feels extremely surreal!  Thank You Lord for entrusting her to us;  Rolly and I vow to raise her as a good and God-fearing child, so she may give You honor and glory all the days of her life.  For now, as I wait for her arrival, please be with me and hold my hand.  I don't know what to expect Lord, but I am certain that with You by my side, I shall be able to deliver our baby safely and smoothly. :) 

Oh, I can't wait to hear that sweet, first cry of our Little Munchkin.  I can't wait to snuggle her and kiss her, and give her everything she would need.  But just like what my old IG post says, I should keep calm and wait quietly, patiently, and expectantly.  Before I know it, I will already be holding a tiny, squishy baby in my arms. :)


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