Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This is your favorite pastime now baby, sleeping on Mommy's chest,
a place that you know belongs to you.
You will surely outgrow it someday, but I hope you'll learn
that you can never outgrow Mommy's arms.
They will always be the perfect size to hug you and hold you tight
no matter how big you get.
I love you. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lia's First Photoshoot

I'm super happy to share these pretty photos of our baby doll!  This was her first real photoshoot done last Saturday at the Baby Shower Studio in Alabang.

Our little princess :)

Posing like a model :)

Giggles! =D

Pensive :)

One proud mom,

One Month

How time flies! Today a month ago, I gave birth to you, our beautiful baby girl, and life has never been the same again. You gave our existence a real purpose, the word LOVE a deeper meaning. Your dad and I love you so much, Lia! Thank you for filling our lives with sunshine and our hearts with pure joy. 

So, what are you like at one month? Hmm, like all other babies, there are things that you love doing, while others make you start a bout of crying.

You love:
  • stretching with 'sound effects'
  • sleeping with your arms raised
  • rolling your eyes a la Undertaker
  • doing the duck face
  • doing the goat sound
  • snoozing on mom or dad's chest

You dislike:
  • bath time
  • getting undressed
  • having your tongue cleaned
  • wearing your mittens and booties

Your daddy and I look forward to discovering more about you in the days to come, baby.  We love you forever! Happy 1st month! 

Diaper pose! :) You will have to do this every month, okay? :)

With so much love,

Monday, April 27, 2015

First Nail Trim

Hooray for today!
smile emotico

I finally swallowed my fear and successfully cut Lia's nails for the first time! It's a pretty daunting task for any new parent, and I'm just very glad I didn't nick my baby's fingers in the process. Hehe.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

That Thing Called Motherhood

It has only been 26 days since I crossed over this new stage in my life called motherhood. Four days shy of a month, and yet it has already turned my world around, bringing in revolutionary changes I've been trying hard to keep up with. Before getting married, many told me my life will change big time, but having gone through it, I now know that that's nothing compared to the radical shift you experience when you become a parent. When you become a mom, you become something else. It's exhilarating but at the same time overwhelming, no matter how prepared you might think you are.

These are some of the major changes I've encountered so far in this 26-day mommyhood stint:

1. SLEEP used to be extremely important to me. More than food, it was what kept me functional. I valued my at least 8-hr sleep so much that I only stayed up 'til midnight on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, seriously. Obviously and as expected, that changed when Lia came... Now, sleep is just a "nice-to-have." I was even surprised that a human machine could run with only a 2-hour shuteye, tops.
This exchange sounds way too familiar, hahaha! =D

2. The squeamish in me already died. Before, it was difficult to eat at the mere mention of poop. The gears in my brains would automatically create a disgusting picture in my head that would turn my stomach. Now, you could say I'm a poop pro! In fact, I "work with" not just poop, I also "analyze" spit-ups, sipon, wiwi, and other stuff that used to gross me out. I am queasy Joycee no more.

But instead of baby wipes, I use cotton balls and warm water. :)

3. I used to look in the mirror to stare at myself. Now I look in the mirror to see our baby, like when I'm burping her and I can't see her face. Or when I'm brushing my hair (as if I still have time for that these days) and she's behind me sleeping on the bed. See, everywhere I go and whatever I do, my eyes have to stay fixed on Lia. And mirrors help me do just that.

4. Before, I would never go inside the bathroom without locking the door. Now, whatever business I do there, the door is always open wide (but of course the main door to our bedroom is closed). Like number 3, I only feel secure if I see or at least hear Lia. Now I never get to shower continuously without taking a peek at her. And while brushing my teeth, my eyes are on her as well (thanks to the medicine cabinet mirror, again).

5. I have always loved my parents so much, but now I love and respect them in a new way. Whenever I look at my daughter, I can't help but imagine my mom staring at me like that when I was a baby. During sleepless nights, I think of how I also deprived my own mommy and daddy of much needed rest when I was small. Every hardship and every joy I feel now as a new parent, I am certain they must have felt, too. When I was still helpless and needy and exasperating, they lovingly took care of me. And that makes me appreciate them so much more. Like 1000 times more. :)


These are five, but I can actually sum it up into one: what used to be a self-centered soul has become selfless as far as the child is concerned. Without warning, as soon as I heard my baby's first cry, my world turned around, and I found myself not on top of my life's list anymore. Now, Lia has taken the number one spot, and that makes me happy. I never thought my heart could expand as much as it has grown since she was born. And it's true, the depth of a parent's love for his or her child cannot be measured.  You just feel it, you just know it.  

(All Photos from Google Images)


First Hiccups

3-day old Lia's first hiccups captured on video! :)  This was taken when we were still at the hospital. 


Monday, April 6, 2015

First Poop

Newborns usually have their first bowel movement a day or two after birth.  This was why on Lia's day 2 at the hospital and she hadn't passed poop yet, Rolly and I had a scare. :( We were told there might be something blocking her butt hole, or worse, it could be at the wrong place and this might require surgery. Our poor girl was given until 10pm of that day to do the deed, otherwise we would need to extend our stay at the hospital so she could be further examined.  

Lia with her pedia Dr. Principe and nurse Erica :)

Finally, at 6:26pm, it came. Aaaah, I never thought I would be extremely happy at the sight of poop! It was... GLORIOUS!  Hahaha! =D   

"I'm almost there, mom & dad!" - Lia

Look at Lia's pupu face and see how she was concentrating to meet her deadline.  She didn't want to disappoint mommy and daddy!  Hehe, good girl! :)


Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Birth Story of Riella Noelle

It was Saturday, 28th of March 2015, when the world welcomed God's answer to our prayers - our little Lia. It's been a week, and the details are still very vivid in my mind's eye. I thought I'd share her birth story here so I could preserve every single memory. smile emoticon

That day was my scheduled weekly checkup with my OB-GYN, Dr. Lany Gabilo, at Asian Hospital. I was exactly 37 weeks and 3 days along. Yup, I was already full term, but I never expected anything to happen that early as many people say delivery of firstborn babies usually happens on the 38th or 39th week. The doctor's assistant even told me she's hoping that Lia won't come out on Good Friday, and I said I was wishing that, too.

Dr. Gabilo arrived and when it was my turn, she did an internal exam. Much to my shock/surprise, she said, "Mommy, you're already in labor!"  Turned out my cervix was already 4cm dilated and I had no clue. I wasn't feeling any contractions or pain and my water bag hadn't ruptured. I thought I felt something weird around my pelvic area that morning, but I brushed it off for I knew that my baby should already be down there somewhere since I was already full term. Anyway, my OB instructed hubby to have me admitted right away. Waaah, bigla akong kinabahan!  We went straight to Genesis and I was admitted to the Triage where my cervix dilation and effacement would progress. Yep, things happened THAT fast.

I was hooked to different kinds of monitors so the staff could keep an eye on the fetal heart rate, my blood pressure, etc. At this point, I was left alone because Rolly had to go down to fix my admission papers. Then he dashed home to get our hospital bag plus other stuff and to fetch my mom too who, fortunately, was spending that weekend with us.

At the Triage. :) I was even able to take a selfie! Hahaha.

Second IE. My cervix was already 5cm dilated.

They administered a drug (Hyoscine something, I think) to soften my cervix and help things move a little bit faster.

I was given Oxytocin to make the contractions more regular.

6cm naaaa!

By this time, I could already feel that pain moms who have gone through labor often describe. It felt like menstrual cramps for me but these were much more intense and yes, too much to handle.  Like what I knew I would definitely do, I asked for epidural.

My cervix was already 7cm dilated.

I was 8cm dilated but my water bag still hadn't ruptured, the resident OB had to do it manually. I heard a funny popping sound, the same sound you'd hear if a balloon filled with water would blow up and burst.

The final point for my cervix was reached. I was already 10cm dilated and 100% effaced.

At this point, the resident OB seemed concerned. He (yes, he's a guy but he doesn't look like he's straight so it was all good, hehe) said the baby was still at the upper station of my pelvis, when she should already be at a lower station - ready to come out. Something must be hindering her from descending, and he suspected it to be the umbilical cord which could be wrapped around a part of baby's body. Whenever she tried to go down, her heartbeat would drop as well. :( He got on the phone with my OB who was on her way, and she presumed the same thing. Delivering normally would put our baby at risk if her heart rate would continue to be unstable. The CS route was already being considered and we immediately agreed, just to keep our little munchkin safe. Again, we prayed and prayed and prayed. And again after a few minutes, God answered us. Baby's heartbeat stabilized, and the team decided we could proceed with a normal delivery. 

From the Triage, I was transferred to the birthing room where I was prepped. I remember my throat being so dry, I repeatedly asked for water (pero dahil bawal, hindi ako binigyan). I had never been that thirsty in my life. Anyway, because of the epidural, I couldn't feel a thing except for the huge but painless waves of contractions on my belly. When it was time to push, I did. At one point, I heard my OB ask her assistant OB, "Kumusta diyan?" referring to baby's heartbeat monitor. I didn't hear a response. She asked again, and once more, he did not reply. I figured, something must be wrong because the assistant OB didn't want me to hear it. I got very worried, determined that in my next pushes, little munchkin would surely come out. And it happened. After about 8 epic pushes that zapped all the energy out of me, I heard her first cry. I realized that's my baby, and she's already out, she's safe. I cried and cried and cried. Maraming salamat po, Panginoon! smile emoticon

Our "Unang Yakap"
Our very first family photo! :)
Lia all cleaned up! :) Her eyes, nose, and lips still looking pretty puffy.

After my pep squad a.k.a. team of doctors and nurses evaluated our little munchkin and determined she's perfectly okay, that's the only time they told Rolly and I what happened during delivery.  As I was pushing and baby was descending, her heartbeat decelerated to 50 (the normal BPM ranges from 120 to 160) and that was definitely alarming. The reason for the drop was as they initially suspected, Lia's cord was coiled around her neck. :( Haaaay. God was indeed with us during that hour, as He always is.  He didn't allow any harm to  happen to our precious little one, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

So there you have it, the story behind the birth of our Riella Noelle.  The day that officially marked the end of her 37-week long stay inside my tummy. e emoticonon! smile emoticoarm to  happen to our precious little one, and for that, we are extremely grateful.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me
what I asked of Him."
~ 1 Samuel 1:27

Meet our precious little angel, our greatest answered prayer to date,
Riella Noelle Del Pilar - Delos Reyes, or Lia for short.
Born on March 28, 2015 at Asian Hospital.
5lbs 6oz
45cm long.

smile emoticon


Yippee, we're now a family of three! smile emoticon
Maraming salamat po, Panginoon!


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