Monday, April 6, 2015

First Poop

Newborns usually have their first bowel movement a day or two after birth.  This was why on Lia's day 2 at the hospital and she hadn't passed poop yet, Rolly and I had a scare. :( We were told there might be something blocking her butt hole, or worse, it could be at the wrong place and this might require surgery. Our poor girl was given until 10pm of that day to do the deed, otherwise we would need to extend our stay at the hospital so she could be further examined.  

Lia with her pedia Dr. Principe and nurse Erica :)

Finally, at 6:26pm, it came. Aaaah, I never thought I would be extremely happy at the sight of poop! It was... GLORIOUS!  Hahaha! =D   

"I'm almost there, mom & dad!" - Lia

Look at Lia's pupu face and see how she was concentrating to meet her deadline.  She didn't want to disappoint mommy and daddy!  Hehe, good girl! :)


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