Thursday, April 23, 2015

That Thing Called Motherhood

It has only been 26 days since I crossed over this new stage in my life called motherhood. Four days shy of a month, and yet it has already turned my world around, bringing in revolutionary changes I've been trying hard to keep up with. Before getting married, many told me my life will change big time, but having gone through it, I now know that that's nothing compared to the radical shift you experience when you become a parent. When you become a mom, you become something else. It's exhilarating but at the same time overwhelming, no matter how prepared you might think you are.

These are some of the major changes I've encountered so far in this 26-day mommyhood stint:

1. SLEEP used to be extremely important to me. More than food, it was what kept me functional. I valued my at least 8-hr sleep so much that I only stayed up 'til midnight on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, seriously. Obviously and as expected, that changed when Lia came... Now, sleep is just a "nice-to-have." I was even surprised that a human machine could run with only a 2-hour shuteye, tops.
This exchange sounds way too familiar, hahaha! =D

2. The squeamish in me already died. Before, it was difficult to eat at the mere mention of poop. The gears in my brains would automatically create a disgusting picture in my head that would turn my stomach. Now, you could say I'm a poop pro! In fact, I "work with" not just poop, I also "analyze" spit-ups, sipon, wiwi, and other stuff that used to gross me out. I am queasy Joycee no more.

But instead of baby wipes, I use cotton balls and warm water. :)

3. I used to look in the mirror to stare at myself. Now I look in the mirror to see our baby, like when I'm burping her and I can't see her face. Or when I'm brushing my hair (as if I still have time for that these days) and she's behind me sleeping on the bed. See, everywhere I go and whatever I do, my eyes have to stay fixed on Lia. And mirrors help me do just that.

4. Before, I would never go inside the bathroom without locking the door. Now, whatever business I do there, the door is always open wide (but of course the main door to our bedroom is closed). Like number 3, I only feel secure if I see or at least hear Lia. Now I never get to shower continuously without taking a peek at her. And while brushing my teeth, my eyes are on her as well (thanks to the medicine cabinet mirror, again).

5. I have always loved my parents so much, but now I love and respect them in a new way. Whenever I look at my daughter, I can't help but imagine my mom staring at me like that when I was a baby. During sleepless nights, I think of how I also deprived my own mommy and daddy of much needed rest when I was small. Every hardship and every joy I feel now as a new parent, I am certain they must have felt, too. When I was still helpless and needy and exasperating, they lovingly took care of me. And that makes me appreciate them so much more. Like 1000 times more. :)


These are five, but I can actually sum it up into one: what used to be a self-centered soul has become selfless as far as the child is concerned. Without warning, as soon as I heard my baby's first cry, my world turned around, and I found myself not on top of my life's list anymore. Now, Lia has taken the number one spot, and that makes me happy. I never thought my heart could expand as much as it has grown since she was born. And it's true, the depth of a parent's love for his or her child cannot be measured.  You just feel it, you just know it.  

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