Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two Months

Today is the 28th of May, and that means it's been two months since you, our cute butterball baby, came into our lives. You've already grown so much, sweetie! :)

Taken this morning after your bath. :)

Your eyes used to be glassy because you couldn't see clearly yet. Now they are huge, always alert, and full of curiosity. When we hold you in our arms, you couldn't stay put anymore because you always want to look around and survey the walls. When your eyes are on me or your dad, you don't just glance, you stare. It's as if you're studying every bump and line on our faces. Hehe. You like focusing on things, and when we suddenly turn the lights off, your eyes almost always grow really big and wide, the white part around the iris showing. Seeing that always makes your dad and I laugh in amusement. You're so cute, baby.

During times when you're not crying, you used to be quiet. Now you've already found your voice, literally. There's not a day when I don't hear you holler a 'waah!' which is your favorite expression at the moment. I will try my best to record it when you do it again, so you'll know what it sounds like when you grow up. :)

Just a month ago, carrying you was a piece of cake. Didn't put any pressure on my arms at all. Now, it's as if you've been eating cake everyday! You've gained a considerable number of pounds and carrying you now feels like a workout. But make no mistake baby, mommy's not complaining. I actually love the fact that you're growing and gaining weight, and it makes me feel proud that my body is your source of nourishment.

the obligatory diaper pose. :)

Happy two months, baby girl! :) We're celebrating your birthday tonight when daddy arrives from the office. We love you! 

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