Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Three Months

Happy 3 months baby!

You turned 3 last June 28, and if you would notice, I am writing this a week late. Got busy with so many things, including your baptism (and I will post a separate article on that).

So how are you at 3 months?

You've already become very talkative! :) You only knew one syllable before ("Waaah!"), but now the sounds that you're able to make are too many to count. You love shouting with kilig when you're happy. And sometimes when you want to get our attention, you yell really loud with a matching giggle. Hehe. When we converse, sometimes you even raise your left eyebrow, as if emphasizing the words in your story. You super love to talk and talk that you oftentimes do so even while having your milk! Hahaha! You are too cute for words, our #LiaLoopsy.

Your neck muscles are stronger now. You can lift your head up for a minute or two, but when you get tired, you just drop it on my or your dad's shoulder or chest without warning. Good thing you have really fluffy cheeks that serve as a cushion. Hehe. You have not learned to roll over yet, but you can already roll to your side on your own. I guess rolling over requires stronger neck and back muscles, especially since you have too many stored fats to lift. Hahaha. :)

You do not hate bath time anymore. In fact, you love it when we're washing and massaging your chest, legs, and arms. However, your head is a different story. You still wail when it gets wet, and that makes it very hard to shampoo your hair! I hope it will grow on you soon, so we could avoid a crying frenzy every time you hit the tub.

Hmm, what else? Ah, your eyesight is much more clearer now. Your eyes follow things around as they move. When you try to focus, you get cross-eyed most times. Hehe. You sometimes even observe things upside down. Cute but weird. :D

My baby, your dad and I are very happy that you are developing well. But again, please take your sweet time growing up. Dad and I might have a hard time catching up if you don't. We looooove you! Happy 3! :)


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