Friday, August 14, 2015

Dreams ❤️

I’ve always loved dreaming. When I was young, I used to picture myself driving my own wheels and I would often tell my parents that image in my head. At 22, that dream came true when I purchased a brand new car. As a small girl, I also imagined having my own happy family someday. At 27, I became a wife to Rolly and at 29, a mommy to Lia. I have lots and lots of other dreams, big and small; many have already become a reality while others are on their way there. :) 

I found this Jewish proverb online and I couldn’t agree more. It is my belief that it is God who plants dreams in our hearts, and it is also Him who makes these happen. That is why when I have dreams, I nurture them with fervent prayers. Every time I pray for each one, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to achieving it. :)

My husband and I have shared dreams as a couple and as a family. Last year, our #DreamNumber1 was granted, and very recently, part of #DreamNumber2 has come true. Sometimes God surprises us with how quickly He answers our prayers! Hopefully, #DreamNumber2’s completion will happen in the next 3-5 years. Haaaay, we are super excited! :)

I just want to share this prayer before I end. It’s Bo Sanchez’s novena to God’s love which Rolly and I pray every day. The novena booklet holds the dreams we claim in Jesus’ name. 

Inside it is “God’s Message” for me, and it says:

Dear Joyce,

I believe in you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made you into such an amazing and wonderful person. I believe in you so much, I planted dreams in your heart. Dreams that will bless you and bless the world. Dreams that will make you grow in love and will mature in your soul. Yes, I will use you to share My light and love to many.

So believe in yourself. Even when you fail. Never give up on yourself. Failure is an important part of your success. Look around and you’ll discover that the most successful people are those who have failed the most. Trust in Me. I trust in you!

Know the difference between paths and purpose. Even if your chosen path fails, never give up on your sacred purpose. When you write your dreams, include the details that you desire. Your imagination will inspire you. But don’t be attached to the details. Surrender to my surprises and open yourself to My abundance. For I have the best blessings and the perfect miracles for you, far better than what you can think of or imagine.

Nourish your soul in My Love and My Word. Nourish your soul with other like-minded dreamers who have fire in their hearts. 

Now go, My child, and share My love and light to all those around you.

Always remember that I believe in you.

Cheering you on,


Who wouldn’t be inspired if you know the Big Man up there is rooting for you, right? I have Him and an entire army of angels cheering me on! I’m sure God has planted dreams in your heart, too. Take notice of them and know that He will equip you with tools in order to achieve them. Just water the seeds with prayers. Before you know it, the field is already ready for harvest. ;)


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