Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Months

It’s been 5 months today since I gave birth to our beautiful firstborn. Happy 5th month, our darling baby Lia! More and more, you are discovering things about you and around you. Your daddy and I always find ourselves watching you with wonder and delight as you grow day by day.

  • You’ve already discovered what your two hands can do. You grab whatever is within your reach --- my hair, your daddy’s face, the corners of your pillow, the burp cloths on our shoulders, your toys. Not only that, these things always find their way to your mouth. Hehe. Lahat ng pwedeng isubo, isusubo. Could you be teething? I am not sure. Either you are or you’re on your way there. Good thing there’s Sophie and Wally to satisfy your constant need to nibble. :)
Biting off Sophie's head =D
Wrestling Wally the Worm =D
  • It seems like you are a morning person, just like me and your dad. I always look forward to watching you wake up each morning because your “routine” never fails – after you stretch your arms up, you’d slowly open your eyes, look at me and/or daddy, and you’d smile your huge toothless grin. This happens every morning and it sends me to seventh heaven each time. It’s lovely seeing and feeling your happiness as you gaze at us the moment you open your eyes. You’re so sweet, baby. :)
Our princess' sweet, sweet smile. :)
  • You’re at your most malikot these days. You’re always wriggling, whether in bed or on your daddy’s legs. The video below is one proof. Ang cute-cuuuute! =D

  • You already eat solid food! Yaaay! The first time you did was on August 16, and you didn’t like it at first. Hehe. Will write a separate post on this! 
Your first solid meal :)
  • You rarely sleep on your back anymore. You’re always either on your side or on your tummy. That’s why every time I would wake up in the middle of the night, I’d fix you so you could get back on your back. But just the same, we would wake up in the morning finding you lying on your side or on your tummy. Haaay. Hehe. =D

People say one isn't wealthy until s/he has something money can't buy. Well, your dad and I have YOU, and that makes us extremely wealthy. :) Thank you for giving us immense joy every day, our baby.  Our hearts have never been this FULL, and it's all because of you.  We love you! Happy 5! :)

Your diaper pose at 5 months :)


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