Saturday, August 1, 2015

Four Months

Happy 4th month, my baby Lia! ❤️

Oh wow, how time flies! I guess I'll be saying this line over and over and over for the next several months and years. You my darling are becoming more and more like a little person of your own, with a personality and attitude that really belong to you alone. Your daddy and I are in constant awe at how well you are growing; you will always be a testament of God's power and grace in our lives.

So, how's our baby doll at 4 months?

It is with bliss that I tell the world again how happy a baby you are. Yours is a smiling face, making you giggle is a piece of cake. You are not picky with people yet, you readily beam at anyone who pays you attention. You're a real ray of sunshine, my love.

Last month, you already knew how to roll to your side, but now at 4 months, you're already a ‘rolling over expert’ (the first time you ever rolled over was on July 17). Every time we put you down on the bed, you are sure to turn over a few seconds later. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night and see you sleeping on your tummy and that means you’ve rolled over while we’re fast asleep! Eeeep! You scare us sometimes, baby! 

These days, you’re loving tummy time! Because your shoulder and back muscles are much stronger now, you can already do mini-pushups. Your tiny hands have also found their way to your mouth! You sometimes stick them far down that you start to gag and spit up. Your dad and I always try to take them off because they get wet, but your fingers still always end up back in your mouth. Hay naku. One time I even shot a photo of you thumbsucking and posted in on Facebook just because it’s too cute, but I ended up getting a private message from your pedia saying we shouldn’t encourage it. Hehe. Lagot. =P

Hmm, what else? You find joy in seeing yourself in the mirror. When we're in front of the dresser, at first your eyes would wander, then they would lock into your reflection, and you'd laugh. Hehe. Then you would look at other objects again, then the mirror, and then you'd laugh again. I feel super happy whenever I hear your laughter, baby. Your voice is music to my ears. 

Last but not the least, there’s “no more tears” for you during bath time, finally! You’ve already overcome your ‘fear’ of getting your head wet. Now giving you a bath is easy peasy and super fun. Keep it up, baby! 

That’s it for now! We eagerly await more of your milestones as we head on towards your 5th month. :) Happy 4 again, baby! We love you!


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