Sunday, October 18, 2015

Diaper Price Tags

Diapers - whether cloth or disposable - are certainly something a baby can't live without.  If you have a newborn, you can look forward to two or three years' worth of diaper changes, and that means up to about 10,000 diapers! If you have the patience to do more laundry and pay for higher water and electricity bills, then perhaps you don't mind going the cloth diaper route.  For the rest however, myself included, disposable is the way to go.  And since we're talking about thousands and thousands of nappies here, I'm certain parents would agree that the price tag is a huge consideration in choosing which brand to get.  

Well, I went to the supermarket yesterday and was in the mood to do a price survey.  Thought of sharing them here for the reference of other mommies as well. :)  Because Lia uses medium-sized nappies these days, I took note of the costs of medium diapers only.  In no particular order:

Disclaimer: Photos from Google Images.
Some photos do not match the actual SKU I surveyed. Hehe.

EQ Medium 32s - PhP 209.75
This means it's PhP 6.55 per diaper. 

Huggies Dry Medium 34s - PhP 322.75
PhP 9.49 per diaper
Pampers Comfort Medium 42s - PhP 332.75
PhP 7.92 per diaper
Drypers Drypantz Medium 24s - PhP 287.75
PhP 11.99 per diaper

Huggies Ultra Medium 40s - PhP 474.75
PhP 11.87 per diaper
Super Twins Medium 32s - PhP 214.75
PhP 6.71 per diaper.
Mamypoko Dry Medium 26s - PhP 359.75
Php 13.84 per diaper.
EQ Dry Medium 18s - PhP 142.75
PhP 7.93 per diaper.

Arranged from least to most expensive:
  • EQ Regular: PhP 6.55
  • Super Twins: PhP 6.71
  • Pampers Comfort: PhP 7.92
  • EQ Dry: PhP 7.93
  • Huggies Dry: PhP 9.49
  • Huggies Ultra: PhP 11.87
  • Drypers Drypants: PhP 11.99
  • Mamypoko Dry: PhP 13.84

Lia is blessed not to have sensitive skin. She has tried most of the brands above, and not one of them has given her rashes. I'm a lucky mommy because we have the luxury not to be choosy! :) I usually pick up whichever has a promotional bundle at the grocery!  Hehe. At daytime when she's just at home, she usually wears the regular EQ. But whenever we go out and at night, she puts on either EQ Dry or Huggies. She has tried the most expensive brand, Mamypoko, but nope, I did not buy it.  It was just given as a freebie. Yes, I am kuripot like that! Hahaha. :))

If I were to give just one guideline in choosing nappies that serves me well, it's this: Pick the least expensive brand that performs for you and the baby. One that doesn't leak nor give him/her nasty diaper rash. At the end of the day, whichever has the best fit and gives our munchkin the most comfort without breaking the bank big time is the best choice. ;)

*Update: For a more recent diaper price survey, click here.



  1. Hi. I stumbled on your blog while researching for diapers. I'm 6 months pregnant now and we're already calculating future expenses. This is so helpful! My mommy friends use Pampers and Mamy Poko. Mahal pala Mamy Poko! Hope your baby's not so maselan as well :)

    1. Hi Mia! :) Thank you! Good luck on your pregnancy and delivery. I'm telling you, once you see your bundle of joy, all the expenses you've been calculating will prove to be worth it. God bless! :)

  2. My daughter got a sensitive skin at first so I switched brands. Good thing nahiyang sya sa bagong brand. Thanks for this. I'd like to ask something, what maternal milk did you take when you were pregnant?

    1. Hi Sophia! :) I took Enfamama when I was pregnant, because that was what's prescribed by my OB. Next time, perhaps I'll take Anmum. I can super relate to their digital videos! :)

  3. We usually buy at Lazada.. Super savings .
    Drypers Medium usually priced at around 6php a piece.

  4. We are the same. Before, we used Lampein for my son during day time and Pampers during night time or when we're going out. Now, we are using EQ regular during day time and EQ Dry or Huggies during night time and day out. Hehe! Salitan din kng minsan sa cloth diapers nya kpg day time.

    1. Can't wait until they're completely potty trained! :)

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