Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seven Months

Today is the 28th of October, 2015, and this means my little munchkin is already 7 months old! :) Hurray! Happy seven, my baby!

At 7 months, we’ve noticed that your legs look longer and stronger! Perhaps you didn’t get those gams from me after all, but from your dad. Mine are short and chubby; his are long like yours, but without the layers of baby fat. Hehe.

Speaking of strong legs, you can now push yourself up using both legs and arms, parang ocho-ocho! :) The first time you did this was last Wednesday, October 21. You’ve been crawling like a worm even before your 6th month, but now you can already lift yourself, your tummy not touching the bed. You still need more practice though before we can say that your crawling is already legit. =P I bet you’ll be a master crawler in a week or so. That means your dad and I still have time to baby-proof the house before you go on exploring every corner.

At 7 months, I guess I could say that you have a strong inclination towards performing arts. You’re only a baby but you are already a certified drama queen! Hehe. When you want to be carried, you’ll pretend to be sad or cry and shriek until we pick you up. We can tell you’re faking though, you always are. :) You also like dancing very much, baby. When you look bored, your dad and I only need to sing Nae Nae (Watch Me by Silento) and do big dance moves with you to make you smile huge. 

Hmm, what else? Oh, you have a cute hobby: scratching. :) You scratch your head, your dad’s arms, the bed, the pillow. You do so especially when you feel sleepy or when you’re bored. For instance, when we’re in the car and you’re sleeping at the backseat with your yaya, we know you’ve already awaken when we hear scratching sounds on the car door. Hehe. Kyoot kyoot.

That't it for now, darling! More milestones to come! :)

Diaper shot at 7. :)
Cake, marshmallows, hotdogs, and isaw! Hehe. :)


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