Friday, October 16, 2015

Snowhite Lia

It was another first for my baby! My boss' darling daughter, Anika, celebrated her 7th birthday last September 20, and it was Lia's first time to attend one. It was fun fun fun! :)

It was a Frozen-themed party :)
Lookie! My baby came as Snowhite! Hehe. :)
Lia with me (I dressed up in blue and yellow, too! :), her tita Cristalle, Ninong Erwin, and Tita Kyra with baby Alex.
Notice Lia's taray face on the bottom right photo. She didn't like that there was another Showhite baby! Hahaha. =D
The birthday girl as Queen Elsa. :)
Candle blowing time! :) Happy birthday Anika! :)

Our little family definitely had a blast, especially the little girl. Too bad she couldn't eat lechon and cupcakes yet. :)) Thank you for inviting us to your fabulous Frozen party, Anika dearie! :)


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