Monday, November 30, 2015

Eight Months

Our little dalaga is already 8 months old! How time flies! :)

At 8 months, you are already able to sleep on your own.  Of course we still rock you to sleep, it's a joy to hold you 'til you doze off. But even if we don't, many times, you can do it by yourself. Good job! :)

You have very strong and restless legs now, baby! :) When someone carries you, you climb his/her chest.  When we put you down on your crib or on the bed, you kick and stomp and shuffle your feet. There are even times when you hit me on the face and I almost die in pain! Aaargh.  If only you're no longer a baby, hmp!  Hehe.

You can also legitimately crawl now, baby.  I say legit coz it's no longer that uod crawl you used to do a month ago. Now you crawl fast and without effort.  You particularly like going to the edge of the bed because you like un-tucking the bed sheets from under the mattress!  You also like reaching for the wooden frame of the bed and that's scary! Hindi talaga pwedeng wala kang bantay, you could easily fall off.

Your toes are as strong as your legs, too! :) You can even pick up your toys using your toes!  I think you got that from me.  My toes are talented, too. =P I can pinch your dad's skin really hard just using them. ;)

You are fascinated with some TV commercials, particularly those of Breeze, Surf, and Binay's political ad (eeewww). Maybe it's because of the jingle, or maybe because you really lack taste at this point in your life. Hehehe, just kidding baby.  I can take Breeze and Surf, but please not the last one. Shucks, the Only Binay song is playing in my head right now.  Nooooooo.

Moving on... 

You love anything and everything with a keypad. You grab the TV remote control, the AC remote control, and even our phones (ay, wala palang keypad 'to, hehe).  Anyway, to give in to what you want, we got you your own remote control, and you love it!  But that doesn't make you forget all the real remote controls in our room.  In short, ganun pa rin.  We just keep the real ones out of your reach.

I don't know what it is with toothbrushing, but you find it spectacular.  You love watching me or your dad as we brush our teeth, your eyes don't even blink.  As if you're going to miss something huge if you close your eyes for a millisecond.  Hehe.

Lately, you've been doing many things with your mouth.  You pout, you bite your lips, and you play with your laway, among others.  Maybe this has something to do with your two cute teeth that are about to come out.

I've officially labeled you the Scream Queen. You love to screeeeaaaamm really loud when we play! It's cute but it hurts our eardrums, baby! Hehe.  You also love to babble and experiment with different sounds.  When we talk to you, you respond with gibberish.  Sometimes we can even make out a "da-dee" or a "mom-mah," but of course we know that's accidental gibber.  We can't wait for you to talk for real, babylove! :)

Since your birthday this month fell on a Saturday, it was a complete celebration with your Lolo Netoy + Lola Merlie and Lolo Vic + Lola Jovy.  We had lots of food!

And of course we didn't forget to take your diaper shot! :)

We love you, Lia! Hugs and kisses from mom and dad! :*


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