Monday, November 2, 2015

Lia in My Tummy

Here's a throwback to when our little munchkin was still a baby bump! :)

nothing much to see yet! :)
No, i don't think that's a baby bump. That's PUSON! =D
Could this be LIA already?
My appetite was HUGE at this point. I guess that's all food inside that bump.
I was starting to get big here, especially my cheeks. Decided to chop my head off moving forward. Hehe. =D
I forgot to wear my leggings. That's a gray dress I folded halfway down. =D
The leggings are back! =P
By this time, we already knew it's a GIRL!
Stretchmarks had started appearing at the bottom of the bump.
What used to be a blimp had already gotten really huge and heavy!
This was my last proper photo of the bump. :)

At 35 weeks and beyond, I had become so lazy that I found taking a #Bumpie taxing already! Hehe. Oh well, the rest is history. I am definitely missing my preggy tummy, especially the feeling of having a little person actively wiggling and kicking inside.  But what could be better than holding that little person in my very own arms, right? :) 

I love you, Lia! Both as a bumpie and as an actual bouncing baby! :)


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