Monday, December 28, 2015

Our 4th Merry Little Christmas

Since Rolly and I tied the knot, I've been counting our Christmases together.  The first one was obviously special because it was the first; the second was good and we were full of hope; the third was great because we knew our 'gift' was on its way; and this year, our 4th, was nothing short of blissful! God's gift was delivered in March and it's our first Christmas to spend it with her - our LIA.

Our first Christmas as a family of three! :)

We just had to capture this with our little Santa baby. :)

We're thinking of making this a tradition - a Christmas family photo shoot evey year! :)

In all of our past Christmases, Rolly and I had nothing to worry about but ourselves.  This year, everything revolved around our Lia.  We used to just quietly go to mass on Christmas eve, but this time around we were carrying a happy and noisy baby! :)  We had to pick seats at the back of the chapel because she might chatter or wail any minute. We used to just mindlessly leave our house to travel to Bulacan on Christmas morning, but this time it was a huge production number!  I had to make a checklist of all the things we needed to bring to make sure we won't forget anything.  We used to just bring a single overnight bag for all our stuff, but now we brought our largest luggage - 85% of it occupied by some of the things of the smallest person in the family (the rest of her stuff could no longer fit in the bag; e.g. the sterilizer and bottle warmer; large vacuum flask, a big pack of diapers, etc.)  We thought, how could a baby this small need a mountain of paraphernalia for just a couple of nights out of town?  It's funny! :)

And since Christmastime is largely about gift-giving, our little person received more gifts than Rolly and I combined. These presents were much appreciated, though Lia enjoyed the tearing of the wrappers more than the actual gift inside. She also loved the ang paos because they were bright red and she thought she could tear them, too. Hehe.

We knew that Lia would receive many material things this Christmas, so Rolly and I thought of giving her something more.

This is still a material gift, obviously, but we wanted to give her the gift of knowing Jesus this early. :)

Like her other gifts, she enjoyed ripping the paper wrapper apart.  The moment we opened the book, she thought she could rip it apart, too! :))

So that's about it! Our 4th Christmas and 1st with Lia. Hope your Christmas was as merry as our family's!  Happy holidays! :)


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