Monday, December 28, 2015

Nine Months

Happy 9 months old, Lia! :)

After your 8th month birthday, it seems like you have started undergoing some growth spurts because at 9, you look a lot bigger, longer, and stronger!  You've outgrown many of your clothes already, and any day now, I think you'll be switching from Medium to Large nappies.

You've been fussy since November because of your aching gums.  And finally on the 12th of December, I saw your first tooth appear! Your second tooth came out immediately afterwards. Both of them are at the bottom (central incisors).  I don't have a picture because they're still too small at the moment and you hate it when I force your mouth open. Hehe.

Not only can you stably sit up on your own, now you can also stand up (but with support, of course). You have such strong arms and legs.  You can will anyone who carries you to face whichever direction you want just by twisting your body and pushing and wriggling. Hehe.

Make no mistake. That's me on the left, you on the right. :)

Standing like a pro supported by Daddy. :)

You also love doing push ups, and your favorite surface is daddy's tummy! After you're done with your 'set', you usually bend and lean your fat face on daddy.  What a sweet, sweet girl you are, darling.

You've been hyperactive lately, my sweetheart. You're a huge ball of energy and sometimes I can't keep up!  Hehe. It's super duper fun playing with you! :)

The way you show emotions has also already developed.  Before, you would just laugh when you're happy and cry when you're not. Now it's more than just that!  You now show joy, excitement, amusement, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, and sometimes, relief! I am amazed I see you breathe a sigh of relief after you suddenly tumble on the bed and find out that it doesn't hurt.  Or when you giggle and babble while watching a video of yourself bursting in laughter. You even know how to make pa-cute!  You bend your neck sideways and smile. You're a cute, cute living doll, Lia. :)

Seeing you grow in front of our very eyes feels like a miracle, baby.  God's design is so intricate and perfect, your dad and I can't help but be in awe.  Let's thank Him every day, shall we? You are His greatest blessing to us, our most precious gift thus far. 

We love you, Lia! Three more months and you'll be ONE! Yahooooo! :)


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