Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sweet 2016

'Tis the last day of sweet 2016, and I just couldn't let this pass without recognizing the best of this year.  As always, God has been in full control, so it was an awesome 12 months overall! :)

  • Lia turned 1.  March was a busy month because it was our little girl's 1st birthday. We had a simple party with friends and family to celebrate the life of Lia whom we prayed for for what seemed like a long time for hubby and me.  As I write, she's now 21 months old!  Our baby is a ray of sunshine and a ball of happy energy!  She talks nonstop and dances like there's no tomorrow. Rolly and I will always have her on top of our yearly highlights. :)
She was a bunny because it was Easter Sunday! :)

  • Dream Number 2. What used to be just a daydream is slowly becoming a reality! :)  We're still far from the completion of dream number 2 because it's pretty big but Rolly and I are extremely happy that it's been officially started.  Years from now (hopefully in just a year or two), this will have been 100% accomplished! :)  Thank You in advance, Lord!

"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

  • South Korea. I have been blessed to work in a company where great work is given great rewards, like this incentive trip in April to South Korea. :) Thank you, bosses! :)
Marketing chicks at Nami Island. :)

  • Saigon.  Spent my birthday with my favorite person in Vietnam! :) Though anything war is not my cup of tea, this trip was a highlight because it made the hubby happy. Parang s'ya ang may birthday.  Hehe.
Braved the Cu Chi tunnel! :)

  • Buntis Body Begone. Hahaha, byebye buntis pounds! :)  This year, I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, though I think that weight only lasted for a few months! Hehe.  But still. =P Thank you, Gold's Gym Alabang!  It's been weeks (or months) since I last visited. Not sure if I have the will to go back anytime soon, so I am also not sure if I can ever get to my dream weight soon.  But that's okay! I'm happy being round, it's just not very convenient sometimes. =P
Back to 113 in 2016! :)


Aaaand that's it pansit! :) 2016 was sweet, with its fair share of challenges.  There were a number of struggles along the way, struggles which I no longer remember because I always choose to only retain positive thoughts.  I wonder how many more awesome things will come my way in 2017?  I am beyond excited! :)


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our 5th Merry Little Christmas

Warm holiday wishes from the Delos Reyeses! :)

Our Christmas this year was a little different. My father-in-law recently had a surgery so he and my mom-in-law couldn't come over for noche buena.  What we did instead was we brought what we called "noche lunch" (hehe) to them in Laguna where they live.  We went there on the 24th and shared the meal along with Rolly's brother and Lia's yaya.  On Christmas eve, Rolly and I attended the Holy Mass as usual, then it was bedtime. Early the following morning, we headed to Bulacan for our annual family get together with the Palomo clan (my mom's side).  Overall, it was a merry, merry Christmas! :)

Hope you had a  blast on Christmas, too, like this little santa here! ;)


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lia's First School Christmas Party

It's our little girl's first school Christmas party today and our family of three had a whale of a time! :) Everyone was asked to come in either red, green, or white, and each kid had to bring a simple present for the exchange gift giving.

Unlike the regular classes, today started with a chocolate-flavored gingerbread man that we had to decorate. The babies wore aprons and toques! :)

The task was very challenging it could only be done by my dad-and-daughter tandem!  Hehe. :)
Tadaaaa! That's our Lia's finished product! =P

It took a lot of patience and discipline for Lia not to take a bite off the gingerbread because the class already began as soon as its dolling up part was finished. :)

Teacher Marah wore a Christmas apron and toque, too! :) 
Pretending to be reindeers pulling Santa's sleigh :)
This was was during the drums session. :)
Lia's favorite part was riding this tub! :)
Pero parang ako yata ang mas nag-enjoy. Hehe. =D
Yaaay! :)
Aaaand it was gift-giving time! :)

Again, it was fun fun fun, especially for the little ones!  They got to play and explore with new toys today. :)  It was our last school day for the year, classes will resume again on January 07. We're gonna miss going to school in the next four Saturdays! :)  Thank you Kindermusik!  Thanks Teacher Marah! :)


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Our Little Schoolgirl: The First 3 Days

Lia is officially a school girl! :) We enrolled her in Kindermusik (Sing & Play for ages 1-2 years) and she's loving it!

Left: Taken on Day 1 before we left the house.
Right: reading again with daddy at the "transition room" before the class started.

Day 1 family photo op with Teacher Marah :)
"Peek-a-boo!  I see you!" :)
"I see you hiding there! Lalalala..."
Her favorite part of the class: parachute time! :)
Day 2 with the bells! :)

Day 3 with daddy! :)
With the banana and watermelon plushies she didn't want to let go of. Hehe.

Overall, Lia's first 3 days in school was pure fun!  She's very active, walking around and interacting with the other babies even in the middle of activities.  Hehe. We can tell that our daughter is far from being shy, just like the mommy daddy! =P  She speaks loudly, shouting "socks" when the teacher brings out puppet socks as props.  She says "shik shik!" while jiggling the vegetable shakers. She's talkative and noisy and it's a joy to just watch her. :)

So far, we're liking her classes at Kindermusik!  What's also good about it is the fact that there's "Kindermusik@Home," a learning resources site that helps parents extend the music, magic, and learning from class into the home.  With each learning theme, parents would receive a full album download of the classroom songs, stories, activities, and more!  I already got the first batch of downloads, and I'm excited to teach Lia at home! :)

This is their current read in class, and we get to read it to her at home. :)

Guide to activities that we can do with Lia at home. :)

The current sem will end in March, so Lia still has a lot of classes to go.  Wiiii! Cheers to more days of fun, music, and learning! :)


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kiddie Workshops at The Study by Enderun

Looking for worthwhile workshops for your kiddos to attend?  You might want to check out the holiday wonders at The Study! :)

Naughty or Nice? A Seminar on Manners

Dear Santa: A Letter Writing Workshop

Jingle Bell Rock 'n Roll

All I Want For Christmas: Poem Writing

If Lia were older, I'd have her attend the seminar on manners, but she's still too small! Hehe. :) If you're interested, click on the links above or call Marla Aquino at 0917-994-6320 or 02-655-3609.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kids at Kidzoona

We'd been planning this for some time already, and it finally pushed through! :) Last weekend, we brought the kids to Kidzoona at Solenad, Nuvali.

This is my mom, my nieces Angel and Alex, and of course my baby Lia. :)
Exploring the Burger Shop with daddy. :)
Picking the freshest fruits! :) I guess I could count on her to do the groceries when she's all grown up! :)

Lounging at the ball pit. :)
Lia didn't want to let go of her potato. Hehe. :)
Walking and jumping with mommy. :)

Of course, not only the kids had fun, but the kids-at-heart, too! :)
I just had to! =P

Daddy in the huge hamster wheel. :)

Overall, our Kidzoona experience was great! :) For 90 minutes, the fee is only P300 per child and that already includes one accompanying adult for free. Admission fees vary among the different branches, I got this list from, Kidzoona's official website:

The next holiday is on November 30, you may want to visit a branch with your family!  Promise, it will be so much fun! :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

4 Years Down

It’s been four beautiful years since Rolly and I tied the knot, and there has never been a day that I didn’t thank the Lord for him. Extremely mushy as this may sound, but he is my most priceless gift. More than anyone, more than anything. God could not have picked a better life partner for me. I am beyond blessed.

08 November 2012, Christ the King Parish

Bliss. <3

At the Glass Garden.  Our first dance as hubby & wifey, :)

Listening to our well-wishers. :)

I believe that we have a good life because I have a good husband. A good husband makes a happy wife, a happy couple makes a happy family, a happy family makes a happy home. So thank you, hubby, for everything that you are. Thank you for the kind of love that you shower me and Lia every day, for your patience, your selflessness. We love you to the moon and back. Happy, happy 4th anniversary!

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