Friday, January 29, 2016

Ten Months

Happy 10 months, baby girl! :)

If last month your first two teeth were only emerging, now you have four already!  After the two at the bottom, two came out on your upper gum: one on the middle (it's missing a partner) and another one on the far side. You always grit your baby teeth! Perhaps it's because the sound gritting makes and the feeling of having something inside your mouth are new to you. :)

Her first three teeth! :)  The fourth one is hiding.

Like mommy, you always sleep clutching something in your hand, either your lampin hankie or the blanket. When neither is within your reach, you grasp the corner of your pillow instead. :)

Your hankie (aside from your thumb-sucking) gives you comfort while sleeping :)

And speaking of sleeping, you almost always have sleepies ("muta" in Filipino) on your eyes in the morning!  These are not tiny sleepies, mind you. Malalaki!  Hehe. 

You have also been practicing standing and walking, baby. You have strong arms and legs, I won't be surprised if you'd start walking without support earlier than expected.  You just have to learn how to balance. :)  You are also very confident and bold! There are times when you stand up and suddenly let go of whatever it is you're holding on to!  You think you can be on your own already? :) You need a lot more practice, baby doll. 

You are amazed with people's hands and feet.  Whenever your lolo and lola show you how to do the age-old baby trick "close-open," you watch attentively and sometimes you can do it.  I've also seen you clap your hands several times already! :) You're just not consistent. :) Also, you are fascinated by mommy's colored toes.  You watch my toes closely every time you see them move on the bed, and most times, you try to "catch" them.  Of course I never let you because they're dirty. =P

Of all your milestones and developmental progress, there's this one fact that has always remained constant - your being a happy baby.  And your dad and I love that trait of you the most. :)  Of course you have episodes of bad mood and stranger anxieties, but most of the time, you are just bubbly and smiling and giggling.  You crack up at the silliest antics of your dad, you jump up and down just hearing me sing your favorite dance tunes. Your laughter is not just a simple chuckle.  It's loud and hard and with gigil.  Hehehe.

Now before I end, here's your 10th month diaper shot!  You see how different this is from all your diaper shots in the past?  Here you're not lying on your back because you're super duper malikot now! I tried to make you lie flat on the bed but you just kept on getting up! Eventually, I gave up and took this photo of you sitting and about to snatch my phone. Hehe. Laki ng tiyan mo baby! :)

We love you everyday, baby doll! :)


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