Monday, March 28, 2016

A Bunny Birthday Bash

Hippity hippity hop!!! Somebunny special just turned one and we threw her a birthday bash yesterday, Easter Sunday! :) What could be a more fitting theme than Easter bunnies, right? For a day, #LiaLoopsy became #LiaBunny. :)

The setup inside Amistosa Clubhouse, Tierra Nueva.
I chose this pastel color palette because of the 'sweetness' of it. :)
Sweet like my little baby. :)

A pink bunny, colorful eggs (these are real!), and our little bunny's framed photo as table centerpiece :)
Plush carrots and a ceramic bunny on the left;
Lia's birthday shoes, eggs (again!), and a lovely birdcage. :)
Lia's baby gallery! :)
I love the polaroid-style printouts of her month-on-month pictures!
Other stuff on display: her very first headband, beanie, mittens, and crochet sandals,
her 3D ultrasound photo, musical worm toy, and favorite books. :)
Her dress by Baby Fashionistas. :) This has a bunny tail at the back!
Because it's a party for bunnies, we gave all the little ones bunny ears to wear! :)

Bunny treats for everyone! :)
This pretty dessert spread was c/o Felicity Patisserie. :)

A closer look at the cake. See those cute little flowers?
And the bunny! It's super adorable! :)
Oreo bunnies and bunny butts on cupcakes! :) They're as yummy as they look!
Bunny and egg cookies and bunny tails which are actually coconut balls! :)
Carrot cookies and bunny ear cuppies! :)
(Left) We prepared a coloring activity for the kids so they won't get bored before the program started;
(Right) The party giveaway: LiaBunny Pillow! :)
That's Chayno, our super galing host and magician! :)
We highly recommend him! He's great with both kids and adults.
The birthday girl! :)
Our little family :)

And that's it, our Lia's bunny birthday bash! Now this mommy here can already take a break from all the planning, whew! :)  Special thanks to our suppliers who were all a breeze to work with:

  • Queensland Catering - food and styling. Yes, they do event styling, too! :) Snaps for Kat Penaflor who handled our party.  She did a great job! :)
  • Little Big Stories Studio - photo coverage. A huge thanks to JB Delgado for accommodating us at the last minute!  I love the shots and the fact that we got the photos on the same day! :)
  • Chayno - party host and magician. Two thumbs (and big toes) up! :) Getting him to take care of everything in the program was one of our best decisions.  I didn't have to prepare for anything except for the game prizes. Sulit na sulit! :)
  • Amistosa Clubhouse - Great choice! :) The place is accessible to both commuters and those who have cars. It also has a comfortable holding area for the birthday celebrator and family. Rosy, our contact person, was also nice. :)
  • Felicity Patisserie - cake and pastries. Ruchell's dessert spread was very pretty and yummy, too! :)
  • Pixmoto Photobooth - Thank you, Joann Chua! :) It was a pleasure working with her team. No headache at all, the two guys were really nice. :)
  • Pillow Me - The bunny pillows are so cute! The materials used are of high quality. Thank you! Highly recommended! :)
  • Baby Fashionistas - baby's dress. Their office is very far from where we live, so it wasn't easy meeting up with them, but the output was worth it! Many guests remarked how cute Lia's dress was. :)



  1. So cute! <3 Happiest Birthday, Lia! Hope to meet you very soon! Love, tita Janina

    1. Thank you tita Jan! :) When we meet, I'm gonna meet my new playmate, too! Yaaay! :)

  2. hello mommy joyce. thank you for this post..i will contact your suppliers for my daughter's birthday party too, this september.if you don't mind, can you please at least give me an idea of the amount you paid for the suppliers? thank you so much.. :)

    1. Hi Jennilyn! :) Here are the rates:

      * Little Big Stories Studio - 10k
      * Chayno - 12k
      * Pixmoto Photobooth - 3500
      * Amistosa Clubhouse - 13,500
      * Queensland - the rate depends on the menu you choose, and your styling requirements (just in case you'll get them as the stylist, too)

      Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hi Mommy! I’m having the same theme for my daughter’s 1st bday. May I ask where did you buy the bunny ears headbands for the guests?:)

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I got the headbands from Robinsons Department Store. :)

  4. thank you for the information provided, we are waiting for the next info


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