Monday, March 21, 2016

A Letter to My Almost 1 Lia

Dear Baby,

Today is exactly one week before you turn one year old, and I can't help but get emotional. *tears* I can still vividly remember those nights when your dad and I would ask God for a baby, someone to complete our family, our happiness.  You came, and our hearts had never been fuller. 

Do you recall when you were still inside mommy's tummy, how famished you made me? My stomach felt like a bottomless pit, with never-ending hunger.  Or that day when we listened to your heartbeat and you made pasikat? :) You were very active then, making sure we'd know that you were strong and healthy and happy, just like what we were always hoping for.

I wonder if you felt what I felt when we thought we lost you, those two times that mommy experienced bleeding. Your dad and I were so afraid, I wonder if your heard my cries.  If you did, I hope it didn't make you scared, baby. Thank you for hanging in there, for being so strong for mommy and daddy.

You surprised us at 22 weeks my love, when you revealed you're a girl! :) I always thought you're a boy because of my huge appetite.  I wonder if you knew since the beginning that you're going to be a little doll, just like mommy's secret wish.  I can imagine how much you're giggling inside my tummy when we finally learned your gender. At that very moment, I knew I'd name you Riella Noelle.

It was March 28, 2015, when you finally came into this world.  You were very small, with your eyes, nose, and lips all puffy from labor. Everything is still very clear in my mind's eye: the overflowing joy in my heart... the songs of praises for God in my head.  I knew then that everything I went through was worth it. Your dad, me, and you.  Our little family's complete.

Then came a whirlwind that was one year.  Things happened fast and easy, now my little baby is becoming a toddler. *tears* It was just like yesterday when your only place of comfort was my arms, you wouldn't sleep soundly on the cot or on the bed, you only liked sleeping on mommy's chest. Now, day by day, you are slowly outgrowing it. Very soon, you'll be able to walk on your own, form words to express yourself, and explore the things around you. Very soon, you'll expand your world outside mommy and daddy, and I guess then, I will have to manage separation anxiety.  Not yours my darling.  Mine.

We love you, Lia.  The world of mom and dad revolves around you, how we can keep you happy and healthy and safe.  You're only about to enter your toddler years, but we know for sure that you'll go far someday, you will go places.  But we hope that no matter how big your own world will get, at the end of the day, you know that mommy and daddy are just here, waiting for you to come back to the place where you can always find comfort... in our arms.



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