Saturday, April 30, 2016

ExpoMom 2016: The Motherhood Journey

It's ExpoMom time once again, hooray!  The theme for this year is "The Motherhood Journey," as Mommy Mundo commits to be present at every stage of this lifelong career called mommy-hood.  I like the theme a lot, it just feels good to have a go-to community for every mother like myself, whether you're an expectant mom, a mom of a baby or a toddler, or even already experienced moms.  Thanks, Mommy Mundo! :)

And because Belo Baby is now here, we won't let this trade expo for modern moms pass without the new product line joining the fun. :)  Yesterday and today formed the first leg of ExpoMom 2016, and it was held at Glorietta Activity Center.

As expected, there were a lot of product booths offering exciting discounts and freebies for moms, moms-to-be, and the whole family! I myself felt giddy while I was going around, I left no corner unturned, hehe. =P The photo below was taken early in the morning, it doesn't show how full of people it actually was for the most part of the two-day fair.

Photo courtesy of my friend and colleague, Jem! :)

Here's the super adorable Belo Baby booth!  I looooove the rocking sheep and elephant, they were a hit among little kids! :)

And of course I took a photo of my Lia at the pretty teepee tent!  I brought her and the hubby today. :)

Playing with Belo Baby products! :)
Certified Belo Babies! :)

One of the day's segments was done by Nicole Hernandez, the lovely ambassador for Belo Baby. She talked about how unique and delicate baby's skin is, and why all-natural products are what's best for it.  She also did a short game, and all the mommy winner and non-winners took home 100% natural Belo Baby products.

She said she was so nervous, but she didn't look like she was at all! Good job, Nicole! :)
The moms had to 'shop' for ten good things for their baby's skin among all the good and bad stuff mixed together in the crates.

And that's it! :)  It was a fun, fun fair!  The schedule of the succeeding ExpoMom legs is below, just in case you weren't able to catch it at Glorietta.

  • June 18 - Cebu
  • June 25 - Bacolod
  • July 2 - Alabang Town Center
  • July 16 to 17 - Trinoma
  • August 6 - Davao
  • October 15 - Cagayan de Oro

Just wait for more details Mommy Mundo is sure to release as each leg comes near. If you plan to visit, don't forget to drop by the Belo Baby booth for attractive offers for your baby and the whole family. :)


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