Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mommies Love All-Natural Belo Baby!

Last Wednesday, April 6, was a very exciting day for Belo Baby! :) It was when the new baby brand was launched among mommy bloggers at M Cafe in Greenbelt.

Belo Baby Bar Soap, Face & Body Lotion, and Hair & Body Wash - all 100% certified natural! :)
The product packaging is as beautiful as these fresh blooms! :)
M Cafe was transformed into a lush garden for the afternoon, thanks to stylist Robert Blancaflor.
Gorgeous table centerpieces :)
Presenting Belo Baby's mombassadors: Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Nicole Hernandez-Delos Angeles :)
They are the perfect moms to represent the brand because they're all for NATURAL products for their babies!
Mommy bloggers seemed to have fun making chika before the program started. =D
The mombassadors also got to engage with them, discussing what's important to the moms
when choosing products for their babies.
They were asked if the products have to be safe, gentle or natural.
Three important qualities that Belo Baby has, among others. :)
Here's Ms. Cristalle Belo explaining the story behind Belo Baby:
why the line was developed and what the products are all about.
Then it's Kelly's turn to share what she likes about all-natural Belo Baby.
She likes the lotion the most! It's not sticky on the skin, and she loves the scent! :)
Nicole's fave is the bar soap. Her kids are very active, and they get dirty all the time.
With Belo Baby soap, no matter how many times in a day she bathes her kids, their skin does not get dry at all.
For Patty, Belo Baby hair & body wash is the winner! :) She says her Theo loves it!
It's very easy to rinse, and does not irritate her little boy's sensitive skin. :)
This is Dr. Philip Bunyag, Asst. Medical Director of the Belo Medical Group.
He answered baby skin-related questions of the mommy bloggers, and why
100% natural Belo Baby is their best bet for their kids. :)

You may ask, why all this fuss about choosing special products for babies? Can't they just use whatever is the most affordable, or those brands their parents grew up using?  Why go for something natural?  Isn't this purely marketing?  The answer is NO.  You'll see why in the slides that were presented at the launch,

  1. Baby's skin is paper thin.  It's 20 to 30% thinner than adult skin.  
  2. Baby's skin is very permeable.  It acts like a sieve or a net, allowing more substances through than an adult's. It's very loose because of fewer elastic fibers. Also, the epidermis (top layer) of a baby does not attach too well to the dermis (the layer below), which makes it easy to get past.
  3. Baby's skin is not fully developed.  The single most important function of the skin is acting as a barrier to infection. Because a baby’s skin is not fully developed, it cannot properly defend against these potential threats. It is also unable to adequately remove excess water and more susceptible to absorbing toxic chemicals.
Bottom Line:  Baby's skin needs babying; it needs safe, all-natural care!  Unlike synthetic products, all-natural products are generally gentler and safer because these are free from artificial chemicals and toxins, and they are less likely to cause irritation because of the absence of common allergens.

And this is the point where one understands why Belo Baby is a mom's best choice for her little one:

We're so happy that we got to say all these to many moms that day.  It was a successful mommy meetup :)  All of the bloggers were so excited to use the products on their kids right away! :)  They got to take home these Belo Baby crates with a super cute plush sheep!

Belo Baby for the bloggers' babies! :)
Team Belo Baby! :)
Me and the mombassadors, plus another special guest: Kelly's Tristan! :)

And that's the roundup of last Wednesday' event! Cheers to more mommy meetups! :)  If you want to learn more about Belo Baby, visit The Facebook is belobabylove, and it's @belobabylove too on Instagram and Twitter. :)


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