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Progressive Preschools Down South

My baby is only 1 year old, but as early as now, this excited mommy here is already scouting and comparing schools for her when the time comes. Choosing the perfect preschool is never easy, as I am aware how the choice would greatly impact her formative years, and how she would view school and studying moving forward.  Right now, I'm thinking of enrolling her in a progressive school because of its student-centered approach to learning and the fact that subjects are integrated. There's immediate application of lessons learned, and the class size is smaller compared to traditional schools (1:12 teacher-student ratio or less).

I've done my research on progressive preschools down south, and these are the ones that top my list for Lia.

Toddlers Unlimited
Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang

Toddlers Unlimited calls itself “the premiere progressive nursery school” in Manila. They believe that children have an unlimited potential to exceed adults’ expectations and society’s imagination.

It offers classes for as young as 3-6 months old up to 5 years old. Schedules depend on the child’s age.  I inquired about the rates for toddlers (1-2yo), and I’m sharing it below. Fees are inclusive of all learning materials. Children will only need to bring their snacks and a set of extra clothes to school.

Toddlers Unlimited also have Saturday classes for 1-3 year olds, but schedules and rates may vary. The fee is P4,000 for 5 Saturdays and P4,800 for 6 Saturdays. Each session is one and a half hours long. 

The Little Apprentice
Aspen Tower, Parkway cor. Corporate Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang

The Little Apprentice Preschool believes that education is not only about reading, writing and math. It is also about creatively nurturing and developing the whole child.  They believe that true learning happens when the curriculum meets their developmental needs and that a strong support system between home and school is important.

These are their rates for a 5x a week schedule.

Cambridge Child Development Center
Alabang Town Center, Alabang
Telephone Nos: 659-1387; 659-1406

The philosophy of Cambridge Child Development Center is that each child is a unique individual who has the potential to be the best that he can be.

Below are their class schedules and fees.

Mindbuilders Preschool
BF International, Las Pinas City

Mindbuilders Preschool is all about developing each child's multiple intelligences.  From the way its classes are named, it looks like music is an integral part of the kids' day to day activities! :)

The miscellaneous fees above include two sets of uniforms, a school bag, all art and classroom materials, student's field trip fee, and basic accident insurance. :)

Mindbuilders also offer Kindermusik classes! The classes below are 45 minutes each.

The Little Gym
Madrigal Business Park, Alabang
Telephone Nos: 850-4060, 850-4061

The Little Gym is a franchised children's fitness and development center where motor skills development, recreational gymnastics, sports skills development, martial arts, and dance classes are provided in a safe, non-competitive environment. Their curriculum-based physical, social and cognitive development programs are designed by child development experts in the United States. The Little Gym believes in three-dimensional learning as described below.

The Little Gym has a parent-child motor development class for kids 6 months to 2.11 years old.  The class is only 45 minutes per session, and fees include  the following:

  • Annual Membership Fee - PhP1,960
  • Tuition Full Term (13 sessions) - PhP 13,680

The school also has a program for toddlers 2 to 3 years old called Terrific Tots.  This has a play-based curriculum that meets 2 to 3 times a week.  The first hour is in the gym and the next hour and a half is in the classroom.  Tuition fees are as follows:
  • Registration Fee: PhP6000 (good for one school year; payable upon first payment; non-refundable)
  • Deposit: PhP10,000 (payable upon first payment; refundable upon enrollment in the 3rd trimester; waived if paying full year fee) 
  • FULL YEAR (one payment): 2x/ week - PhP105,000
  • 1st Trimester: PhP41,000
  • 2nd Trimester: PhP43,000
  • 3rd Trimester: PhP31,000

A-Plus International School
Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang
Telephone Nos: 772-1662 to 63

A-Plus International School is committed to mold young minds in preparation for academics in the primary school. Bound by its Multiple Intelligences curriculum, A-Plus International School aims to provide a fully integrated and comprehensive preschool program that would cater to the individual needs and “intelligences” of students, and provide them with a safe and nurturing learning environment.  In addition, A-Plus specializes in language, so if you want your kids to learn Mandarin and Spanish aside from English, this school is a good choice.

As for the tuition fees:
  • 5x a week - PhP 81,312 (annual); PhP 42,689 (semi-annual); PhP 22,361 (quarterly)
  • 3x a week - PhP 60,984 (annual); PhP 32,017 (semi-annual); PhP 16,771 (quarterly)
Then add the basic fees below on top of the tuition:
  • Program fee - PhP 1,000 (toddler & pre-nursery, nursery, and kinder)
  • Learning materials - PhP 2,900 (toddler & pre-nursery, nursery, and kinder)
  • Art materials - PhP 4,000 (toddler & pre-nursery); PhP 3,000 (nursery and kinder)
  • Activity workbook/ abacus/ mandarin - PhP 5,100 (toddler & pre-nursery); PhP 8,300 (nursery); and PhP 10,800 (kinder)
A-Plus also offers Saturday playschool, 2 hours per session, and that's PhP 3,900 per month. :)

Kencare Learning Center
BF Resort Village, Las Pinas
Telephone Nos: 875-3683, 403-9723

Kencare does not have a website, but they are frequently mentioned in forums as a progressive school. I gave them a call to confirm, and they said yes, they are progressive. However, they call their teaching style “eclectic,” since it’s a combination of Montessori and traditional. That got me confused, but I listed them here, nonetheless. 

Kencare’s annual tuition fee is P36,875 for a one-time payment. For monthly payments, the amount is P39,875, but a downpayment of P15,875 has to be made upon enrolment. Classes run 5x a week, 2 hours per day. They don’t offer Saturdays-only classes.


As of today, I have not been to any of these schools to actually observe classes, but that is my next step.  I do not believe in basing one's choice solely on the tuition fees, because education is NOT a commodity.  Parents have to go to the school itself, scrutinize the curriculum, and observe how classes are done and the teaching methods of the faculty.  The hubby and I are thinking of enrolling Lia when she turns two, so I still have plenty of time left to schedule appointments with each school. I am excited! :)



  1. Hello! Thank you so much for this blog. I was wondering if you know of good progressive schools for grade school as well. We also live in the south and I'm hoping to put my kids in a progressive school where they could avoid transferring every time. It would be nice if they could finish in a progressive school up until 12th grade. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hi Joycee,
    You might want to try The Learning Child School in Ayala Alabang Village. They are progressive school too... :-)

  3. Toddlers Unlimited has a progressive gradeschool called Thinkers Unlimited. They are now upto 4th grade but will be adding the upper levels each year.

  4. Following this post on progressive schools for grade school. For pre-school, i highly recommend prep camp. :)

  5. hello where did you enroll your child?

    1. Hi! Right now, she's enrolled at Kindermusik. But we're already enrolling her at Mindbuilders for pre-nursery come June. :)

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  8. Ohh! Its great idea, thanks for sharing such cool information. One more things i want to share here - Safety is the primary concern for parents, that's why many search for one of the best Day Cares in East of Kailash.


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