Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taking the Leap to Lose

2012.  The year I got married. 92 pounds.
2013.  Honeymoon stage. No baby.  104-108 pounds.
2014.  I got pregnant. 113 pounds right before I knew there's a bun in my oven.
2015.  I gave birth. 148 shocking pounds before delivery.
2016.  My baby's already 1. And I'm stuck at 123 pounds.

They say the last few pounds are the hardest to lose, and I know that firsthand.  Even harder if you're not doing anything at all to actually lose them, like myself. =P I am not obsessed with losing weight because I'm okay with how I am, I mean, I still feel good about myself! :) However, convenience-wise, there's a lot to gain if I lose.  I'd get to wear all my old clothes that don't fit anymore, I could carry Lia around without getting tired too easily and give Rolly and the nanny a break, I could go up and down the stairs over and over without getting hingal! Hehe. So yes, I've finally admitted to myself that I need to lose these overstaying post-pregnancy kilos, and maybe some more.

People who know me well would know that I'm not a big eater, I like sweets a lot though. I eat rice in small quantities, and I eat frequently.  They would also know that I hate exercise of any form (Hate is such a strong word, true, but I mean it). I never liked running, doing sports, or even walking!  I do, very rarely, only out of compliance or obligation.  Hehe. Hindi ako maarte, but I don't like the feeling of me perspiring. In this very humid country like ours, the last thing that I want is for me to turn into a sweaty pig, even for just a few minutes!  Sweat, whether good or bad sweat, is all bad to me.  That's why I never considered going to the gym until two weeks ago.

The hubby and I had dinner at Westgate Alabang, and while I was parking (we went there separately), Fitness First caught my eye.  I remembered the chitchat I had with my office mates earlier that day about how exercise makes them feel good as it releases brain chemicals called endorphins, inducing feelings of well-being.  I told Rolly about it, and said I could give exercise a chance (as if it needs me and not the other way around! Hehe).  We inquired, and I was satisfied with how my discussion with the trainer went. The facilities are high-end, the ambiance is nice. I found the rates too high though.  Fitness First at Westgate is a platinum club, not a regular one like the other branches.

The flyer the trainer gave me after our talk. :)

If I'd sign up for a 12-month membership, that's PhP3,750 a month.  Not a come-on for someone who's only pushing herself to at least try to make her fats cry.  Hehe.

There's also a 360 Fitness Club at Westgate, so we checked it out as well.  The front desk officer was all smiles when we entered, and we were entertained right away.

Photos from Google Images. :)

The moment I looked around, however, I knew it wasn't for me.  I saw some club members doing their thing, and they were all super serious!  All of them looked like athletes to me, I instantly felt I didn't belong! It's not that I just want to play and not take working out seriously.  It's just that I feel I'd get motivated more if I see other members who are just like me --- normal people who want to try being fit.  A little bit of small talk with others while exercising would be nice, too. :)  However, for those who want real training without any flare, I think Club 360 is the perfect choice.  These are their rates.

Pardon the photo quality. =P

The last that we checked was Gold's Gym in Molito, Alabang. I talked to an Account Officer and got the fees. I was surprised that membership at Gold's is super affordable!  I was able to speak with a personal trainer, too, and I told him my fitness goals.  He assured me that it can be done, but ultimately, it will all depend on me. Waaah.

From Google Images.

The facilities at Gold's are all really good, too, but not as high-end as those at Fitness First.  This also explains why Gold's rates are relatively lower.

Reasonable rates! :)


So these three were my options.  I slept on it and made sure I was really ready to take this leap to stretch my muscles a little, hehe.  Two days after, I made up my mind and signed up at Gold's. :) Was it divine intervention? Perhaps. :)

On my first session, I was 'assessed' and I learned that 33% of my total body weight is all FAT! Waaaaah!  What a way to motivate a newbie!  Hahaha! Let's see how it goes from here. I hope I could cross from fat to fit! :)


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