Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Scarlet Snow Secret

These days, there’s one trending topic that’s very close to my heart – SCARLET SNOW! Last Sunday, Dr. Vicki Belo finally made the big reveal about her Scarlet Snow ‘secret’ on CNN Philippines. She finally announced that she and Dr. Hayden Kho have a beautiful baby together. The announcement was quickly followed by their posts on social media, which were immediately re-posted by a lot of people, and featured by big news networks and lifestyle pages such as GMA, ABS-CBN, Rappler, PhilStar, Cosmo, Pep, and Smart Parenting, to name a few.

When the Belo Baby TV commercials began airing, only very few people knew who that adorable baby talent was. We got a lot of unsuspecting comments about her cuteness, little did they know that’s already the couple’s baby girl! 

Take a peek behind the scenes of the TVC’s shoot. See Doc Hayden, Dr. Belo, and Ms. Cristalle goofing around just to elicit Scarlet’s happy expressions so we could get good shots. It was fun watching their genuinely sweet family.

This other video below was taken during the shoot for the Belo Baby billboard. Doc Hayden had to lie on the floor so Scarlet could ride his tummy. That was how badly we needed photos of her laughing! Hehe.  And in fairness to Doc Hayden, he is the epitome of a truly doting daddy.  He goes everywhere Scarlet goes! You could see it in his eyes how much he adores Scarlet Snow. 

Anyway, this is me and Scarlet when I first met her at their house. She’s less than one year old that time, but she’s much bigger than babies her age. She’s happy and noisy and heavy! :)

We can’t wait to see Scarlet grow. I’m sure she’s going to be a sweet young lady years from now. She’s very blessed because she’s well loved by her family, and even by people she doesn’t know. :) God bless you, Scarlet Snow!


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