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Baby Immunizations and Costs

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," says a popular line from Benjamin Franklin.  This is very true especially when we're talking about preventing diseases in babies who are very fragile and delicate.  Thank God for vaccines, ailments that used to claim countless lives can now be prevented!  We can all have peace of mind knowing that our frail babies are not at risk of infectious illnesses once they've received immunization.

Of course, prevention has a price.  In my baby's immunization record, not a single vaccine was worth less than a thousand pesos.  It could be less (or more) with other pedias or clinics, but I don't think the price difference would be significant.  Listing down below the vaccines Lia has received so far, the cost of each, and the dates when she got them.  Her pedia is Dr. Trinidad 'Nik' Lombos and her clinic that we go to is the one at Asian Hospital.

BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guérin)
  • What it does:  protects babies from serious forms of Tuberculosis (TB) such as TB Meningitis (an infection of the brain) and Miliary TB (wide spread infection)
  • Cost:  PhP 1,400
  • Given on:  March 28, 2015 (the day she was born)

Hep B
  • What it does: protects against the hepatitis B virus 
  • Cost:  PhP 1,400
  • Given on:  March 28 (the day she was born) and June 11 (at 2.5 mos) and October 03, 2015 (at 6.5 mos)
  • What it does:  protects against Rotavirus which causes severe acute gastroenteritis with diarrhea and vomiting
  • Cost:  PhP 3,200
  • Given on:  May 09 (at 1.5 mos) and July 11, 2015 (at 3.5 mos)
6 in 1
  • What it does:  protects against Hep B, DPT (bacterial infection affecting the nose and throat, and sometimes the skin), OPV/IPV (polio), and H. Influenza (bacterial infections including meningitis, septicaemia, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Cost:  PhP 3,500
  • Given on:  June 11 (at 2.5 mos) and October 03, 2015 (at 6.5 mos)
DPT, OPV/IPV, H. Influenza
  • What it does:  similiar to the 6-in-1 vaccine but doesn't include Hep B
  • Cost:  PhP 3,000
  • Given on:  June 11 (at 2.5 mos) and August 15 (at 5 mos) and October 3, 2015 (at 6.5 mos); October 15 (at 1.5 years old)and December 10, 2016 (at 1 year & 8 mos)
  • What it does:  protects against the virus that causes measles
  • Cost:  PhP 1,300
  • Given on:  November 21, 2015 (at 8 mos)
  • What it does:  protects against chickenpox 
  • Cost:  PhP 3,600
  • Given on:  April 02, 2016 (at 1 year old)
  • What it does:  protects against measles, mumps, and rubella (similar to measles)
  • Cost:  PhP 1,500
  • Given on:  May 07, 2016 (at 1 year & 1 mo)
Hep A
  • What it does: protects against the hepatitis A virus 
  • Cost:  PhP 2,200
  • Given on:  June 11 (at 1 year & 2.5 mos) and December 10, 2016 (at 1 year & 8.5 mos)
Flu Shot
  • What it does: protects kids from the flu and the problems that come along with it
  • Cost: PhP 1,500
  • Given on: July 16 (at 1 year & 4 mos) and August 20, 2016 (at 1 year & 5 mos) and September 9, 2017 (at 2 years & 5.5 mos)
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)
  • What it does: protects against diseases caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae that can lead to infections in the lungs, blood, and brain
  • Cost: PhP 5,000
  • Given on: November 18, 2016 (at 1 year & 8 mos) and February 18, 2017 (at 1 year & 11 mos)

  • What it does:  protects against Japanese encephalitis, a disease spread through mosquito bites
  • Cost: PhP 3,100
  • Given on: May 6, 2017 (at 2 years & 1 mo)
  • What it does: prevents pneumonia caused by the 23 different types of pneumococci bacteria 
  • Cost: PhP 2,600
  • Given on: June 3, 2017 (at 2 years & 2 mos)

  • What it does:  prevents invasive meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135
  • Cost: PhP 3,900
  • Given on: July 8, 2017 (at 2 years & 3 mos)

For sure, the schedule and costs may not be the same for all pedias. but this is how it is for my baby. :)  As of this update (15 Sept 2017), Lia is done! We will just go back to the doctor next year, after she turns three.  I'll still keep on updating this post as we go along.

To fellow moms asking about baby immunizations and costs in the Philippines, hope this helps! :)



  1. Pneumococcal wala po sa list tlg? mas expensive po xa s lhat worth 4K

    1. Hi! Lia hasn’t gotten the PCV shot yet, but according to my research, it is administered to babies less than 59 months old. She still has 44 months before reaching the ‘deadline.’ I’ll just keep on updating this post until she completes all the vaccines. :)

    2. Is it? but according to my research, hehe. and based on our experience (btw, I have a toddler too!) I'm Jam, and a fan of your blog actually.

      PCV13 is recommended as a series of four doses, one dose at each of these ages:

      2 months
      4 months
      6 months and
      12 through 15 months

    3. Hmm, you could be right! :) Wait, let me ask Lia's pedia just to be sure. ;) Thanks dear!

  2. hi there, i am a vaccine dealer. better if mag-order na lang po kayo ng gamot mahal sa pedia. within montalban areas or nearby it lang po. 09974066236

  3. so expensive vaccines, yet it is free with DOH health centers

    1. I agree! :) It's really good if the vaccines are available at health centers so that parents don't need to shed a lot of money.

  4. hi Mam... the prices indicated are of per dose? or total of the doses?... thanks Mam...

  5. Hi Maam, if breastfeed yong baby, need pa ba mag rotavirus or di na needed? thanks

  6. hello mommy joyce,ask ko lng po kung yung rotavirus is 2 tyms po tlaga,,kasi nagparotavirus ako sa baby ko nung june 2, 2018 (5 mos. & 7 days sya sa 1st session) & tapos sabi ng pedia nia next is sked ng rotavirus is bago sya mag 6 mos ulit,,

  7. Super helpful mommy.. thanks..


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