Sunday, June 5, 2016

Belo Baby Colognes with Andi & Ellie

I'm delighted to announce the mommy and baby behind the new campaign of Belo Baby colognes, pretty momma Andi Eigenmann and her adorable daughter Ellie! :)  This video material is fresh off the studios, posted just this afternoon on social media.

Do watch it and interact with it! :) This video is one of a kind as it lets the viewers "help" Andi and Ellie put on the different gentle scentsations of Belo Baby colognes - Cool Drizzle (blue), Happy Tickle (yellow), and Sweet Snuggle (pink).  Tap Andi's neck, tickle her, rub Ellie's arm and see the scent filters come out.  It's fun to watch and do, really! :)

Belo Baby colognes are now available nationwide, for PhP 79.75 each.  So moms, kids, teens, and all the babies-at-heart, it's time to discover your Belo Baby scentsation! :)  Visit to learn more. :)


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