Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lia's First Sweet Steps

Major achievement unlocked! Our little girl is finally walking! Hooray! :)

She actually took her first sweet steps on her own, without support, on June 9 when she was exactly 14 months and 12 days old.  Though the range when a baby starts walking varies from as young as 9 months up to 18 months, I think Lia is a relatively late walker if I would base it on many babies I know (parents should never compare, I know that, but I'm stating this as a matter of fact :)).  Her pedia actually gave her a 'deadline' to walk (at 15 months), and thank heavens she's able to beat it! Hehe. Good job, little munchkin!  You're as conscious of deadlines as your mommy here! :)

This was taken a week before she finally had the confidence to walk. :)
See how scared she looked? She wouldn't let go!

I think the main reason why Lia's walking took a while was the lack of opportunity and practice. Because I was always on my toes whenever she tried cruising from one spot to another out of fear that she'd fall, my tendency was just to scoop her up and hold her or put her in the crib or on the bed, anywhere safe and soft.  Her yaya was like that too, until we were sort of mandated to "let her go" and make her practice more.  That's what we did, and now she can do it, albeit still wobbly. :) She's still in the "tumbling" phase now, so we're staying very close to catch her when she falls.

My wobbly walker. She's focusing more on her pouting
than her walking. Hehe!

This time, she was distracted because of her hair clips! :))

Pretty soon, we know she'll be fully confident and she'd be walking as if she'd been doing it for months.  We gotta prepare ourselves for a lot of habulan when that time comes. :)


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