Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lia's Trial Class at Gymboree

Gymboree, a global leader in classes for kids, has a branch at Westgate Alabang, and this morning was Lia's scheduled trial class.  She attended a Level 4 Play & Learn class for 16-22 months old toddlers.  Lia is only 15 months, so just like last week, she's the babiest in the group.

The branch at Westgate Alabang.

We arrived 30 minutes before 10am, so Lia still had time to explore and play before the class started. She was barefoot, like all the other kids.  The adults, on the other hand, can only enter if they're wearing socks. :)

She felt confident walking and toddling on the mat :)
Playtime with mommy and the soft, pink ball :)
This time with daddy :)
Aaaand it's almost 10! :)

At 10am, the class officially started.  It was with teacher Carla who was very young and full of energy. :)  The parents and kids formed a circle and sang songs with her.

That's teacher Carla with the tambourine. :)
Here, she's leading the group to push and pull, using Gymbo the Clown as her prop. :)
This was what the push and pull practice was for.  All the kids were made to push this giant ball up the slope! :)

Lia's favorite part of the almost one-hour class was parachute time and bubbles time! :)
Parachute time! :)
Bubbles! Yippee! :)

After all the session of singing and playing and learning, Lia got what she deserved, her very first ever STAMP! And it's a Gymbo stamp! :)

Overall, it was a good trial experience for my baby. :) She may not seem all smiley in the photos, but she had fun! I like the fact that Gymboree is an environment where the children are free to move, play, and explore safely. It's also nice knowing that in the Play & Learn classes, the kids are of the same age group which makes it easier for them relate to each other and play together. The trial class was P500, and it was worth every peso. :)

At Gymboree, one can enroll anytime! There are no sem or module schedules, just choose any ongoing class and your toddler could jump into it.  The schedule of the core classes are below, as well as the 2016 rates.

Up next: our trial class at Kindermusik! :)


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