Saturday, August 20, 2016

First Fever :(

The first week of August was a heartbreaking one for our family. :( It was the very first time that our little Lia had a fever, and it wasn't just any fever.  It was pneumonia.

Our baby has always been happy and healthy, and we're actually grateful that this only happened now that she's already 16 months old, other babies get sick even younger.  After some vaccinations, her pedia would even tell us that she might get a fever afterwards, but she never did.  It's only now, and it must be one heck of a virus because it was able to put our strong Lia down.  Hmp!

Those little fingers!
Blood had to extracted so we could get it tested. :(
Left: At her pedia's clinic while waiting for the blood test results.
Right: Our unusually unhappy and feverish baby at home. :(

Thank God the blood test showed no alarming results, so Lia didn't have to be admitted in the hospital.  We went home with lots of medicines prescribed by the doctor.  We're grateful that the high fever lasted for only about 3 days, and in no time, my baby was back in the pink again!  Yaay! Here she is dancing to the tune of Worth It, her favorite dance as of late.  Hehe. =D


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