Thursday, September 29, 2016

Riella Beats Roseola

Rolly and I are soooo happy, our little Lia is now back in the pink of health! No more on and off fever, just some leftover rashes here and there. The past week had been very worrisome and exhausting for us, all because of this nasty culprit – Roseola Infantum
The name may not sound horrid, but it is. As describes it, Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness that most commonly affects young kids between 6 months and 2 years old. It is usually marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

Lia had been feverish for about 6 days, her temperature fluctuating with a few hours’ interval. My heart was in my mouth when I saw red rashes appear on the fourth day, the dreadful thought that it could be dengue crossed my mind. Thank God that after her second CBC was done, it was confirmed that it really wasn’t dengue but Roseola. Haaay, I breathed the deepest sigh of relief in my life!

The rashes already look bad here, but it's even worse in person. :(
The red bumps may seem very itchy but they're not. Buti na lang!

Special thanks to Lia’s very dependable pedia, Dr. Nik Lombos of Asian Hospital. There was no day during this 6-day ordeal that we didn’t exchange messages so that she could keep track of Lia’s condition. We loooove her! :) And of course to the Big Guy up there whom we kept on praying to every hour and every minute. Thank You Lord for touching our Lia with Your healing hand. Thank Youuuu! :)

And to you “Rosy,” you can never touch our baby again! You can try all you want but she’s now immune to you, hmp! I wish one day there could already be a vaccine to keep you from doing any harm to babies.  You're a bad, bad virus!



Sunday, September 25, 2016

This is more than just a heartache.

I feel really low. :( Our little one has been down with fever since Wednesday afternoon, it's the fourth day now that her temperature has been fluctuating.  I skipped work on Thursday to bring her to the pedia. CBC was done and thank God, there was nothing alarming in the results.  She was given antibiotics, another medicine for her colds, and fever medications.

Waiting at the pedia's clinic.

This is only the second time that Lia has gotten sick, and I think this one's worse than when she had pneumonia last month.  After she started taking her medicines last time, the fever and other symptoms already gradually subsided.  This time it's different.  She'd be okay for an hour, then her temperature will soar the next.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me and my husband, it's exhausting. :(  Now I understand what my mom would say whenever I would get sick, na sana sila na lang ang maysakit.  That is exactly what I feel now.  That if this fever really has to run its course, that it be transferred to me instead.  I hate seeing my Lia uncomfortable.  I just hate it.

My baby is asleep as I write this, and I pray that she won't endure another 39 degrees in the hours to come. She's still so small, so fragile.  Please, Lord. :(  Make my daughter well. :(

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mindful Motherhood

Last week, I attended the "Mindful Mom Retreat" organized by Mommy Mundo.  Perfect for 'soul-weary' mamas, the intimate affair was meant to 'refresh, re-energize, and re-center moms so that they may be more focused on their tasks and more conscious of their goals, and become more mindful individuals and more intentional parents.' I am very far from being soul-weary, but I attended the event because I wanted to experience it firsthand as I've been hearing positive reviews about it.

I noticed that most of the attendees are veterans when it comes to motherhood, unlike me who has just one child who's only a year old. Most of the moms there already have at least two gradeschoolers, some even have children who already go to high school.  No wonder they describe themselves as headless chickens most times, as they say the motherhood journey gets less and less simple as the children get older.  I concluded that this retreat was really for them.  And for me too, so I could prepare myself for tough but happy things to come as Lia gets bigger. :)

I was greeted by these inspiring reminders, part of the pretty table centerpiece. :)

The retreat was facilitated by Michele Alignay, MA, Registered Family Psychologist, author, and mom of two. She must be a known speaker among parents as some mom attendees said they came to the retreat because they knew she was going to facilitate. :) 

The whole session revolved around answering worksheets which would help us craft an action plan for a mindful life.  The first was about our daily schedule, the second was on our family history, and the third was about our strengths and weaknesses.  Activity #4 revolved around the question "Who Really Am I?"  Before each of us became a wife and a mother, who were we? It was said that it's very common for women to forget who they truly are once they have a family of their own.  When asked to tell another about herself, her being a mom and wife comes first, and naturally so.  But beyond that, who is she as a person? Who am I, really?  This struck me.  I've only been a wife for nearly 4 years, and a mom for over a year, but answering the question was not easy for me anymore.  I love my life now more than ever, and I can't think of anything else beyond my wifey- and mommy-hood. According to the facilitator, this is something that moms, no matter how busy we get, have to guard --- our very self, the person that we are.  Because when we get old and our children already have their own lives, though we will never cease being a mother, the dynamics will be different. Who will I be when my kids are not with me anymore?  What will I become when they no longer seem to need their mom?  This was an eye opener.  Though I love my mom and wifey hats more than any other hat I have ever worn, the person wearing them should always be there, mindful and aware of her being. The sense of self always has to be intact.

Michele and I :)

These are my other key takeaways from the session on how to do practical mindful self-care:

  1. Be present in the moment, always. When you're spending time with your kids, really be there not just physically but with your mind and heart included.  Stop texting or doing social media. On the other hand, when you're having your much needed me-time, enjoy it.  Period. Stop feeling guilty that you left your kids at home so you could get a one-hour pedicure.  You deserve it.  You need it.
  2. Cease to overthink.  Very simple. Overthinking tends to complicate things.
  3. Offline connections are more important.
  4. Do not compare, i.e. your ways vs. other moms' ways; your kids and other moms' kids.
  5. Choose your influences.  Don't like what you see on your Facebook newsfeed?  You can always unfollow.
  6. Declutter your thoughts and emotions.  
  7. Set boundaries.  Say no if needed.
  8. Pace each task, one day at a time.  You are a mother, not a robot.
  9. Identify matters you can let go of.  Choose your battles wisely.
  10. Honor who you are.

I'm happy I attended this retreat.  When I get to the point that I see myself running around like a headless chicken, I have these notes to go back to to remind myself how to breathe like a professional mindful mama. :) Plus, I got to take home a huge (and really heavy) bag of goodies from Mommy Mundo, yahooo! :)


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lia's First Words

As a mom, I jump for joy every time my little one unlocks achievements. I am always on the lookout for when she's about to do her firsts, such as her first real smile, the first time she rolled over, sat up, and crawled, and the first time she walked albeit wobbly. :) When she's about 6 or 7 months old, she has already started babbling and stringing vowels and consonants together, and we knew the next big developmental milestone was about to unfold --- talking, the attempt to express herself in words with meaning.

Our Lia is now 17 months old, and she's such a loquacious little girl! Each time she says something new and says it with an understanding of what the word means, I immediately write it down so that I can keep track.  Below is a list of Lia's words these days:

  1. Mama - her first ever word!  She's been saying mama since she's several months old, but now I already know for sure that when she says it, she means me. :)
  2. Dada - how can she not know the word for her favorite person in the world? :)
  3. Lolo
  4. Lola
  5. Baby
  6. Babye
  7. Bag - she likes playing with mommy's bags!
  8. Dodo - her bottle of milk (I'm no longer breastfeeding!) :)
  9. Book - her favorite 'toy'
  10. Hello
  11. Hi
  12. Teeth
  13. Baba - as in "put me down" or "help me get down from the bed"
  14. Utot - hehe, every single time she farts, she always says this! :)
  15. Shoes
  16. Nae nae - this is the name of her bunny pillow which I gave her from Seoul :)
  17. Okay
  18. Walk
  19. Look
  20. Kiss
  21. More
  22. Dog
  23. Brush
  24. Bless
  25. Nose
Lia has actually other words but I am not sure yet if she understands them or she's only copying what she hears (e.g. blue, mole, etc.), so I didn't include them here.  At this point, 80% of the words that come out of her mouth are still gibberish, while about 20% consists of real words.

Keep the words coming, baby! We're excited to hear you talk more and more in the coming days. I hope you'll grow up to be as eloquent as your dad. :)  Love you always!


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