Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lia's First Trick-or-Treat

It's another first for our little Lia today, her first trick-or-treat! :)  She was only 6 months at Halloween last year, so we just stayed home and dressed her up in a Minnie Mouse onesie.  This time, she experienced real Halloween as we went to Bellevue's Monster Misfit #Belleboo2016 party for kids.  No tricks, all treats! :)

Our tickets to the party! :)

Welcome to Belleboo! :)

We came as Mommy Witch and Baby Bumblebee. :)
Her top is supposed to be a onesie lent by her Ate Anika, but Lia had to wear short leggings because
it's too small. :) Also, Lia did not want the headdress closed at the chin so we had to keep it this way. :)
More mom & baby photos. :)

It was a fun party! :) We were given 3 cards with signature circles that we had to complete so we could claim the loot bags before heading out. This encouraged all the guests to visit the sponsors' booths, which was not a chore at all!  The booths offered freebies (yay!), most of which were snacks for kids, plus candies and cookies and chocolates!  If Lia were bigger, she would have enjoyed the party more.  For now, the sugary treats are for daddy and mommy. Hehe.

Spooktacular dessert treats! :)
Our favorite stopover was this row of little houses where kids could play with lots of toys!
Lia and daddy entered the one with many little dolls. :)

Besides the usual parade of the kids' outfits, the program also included dance numbers and balloon twisting acts. There was also a group who did jaw-dropping stunts.

Rolly was also part of the show! For the sake of a gift pack (wahaha), I pushed him to go up the stage when the host asked for "hot dads." Hehe. He obliged because, well, wala syang choice. =P
His macarena dance won us a Gardenia gift pack! Haha. :)

All in all, I can say we made a good choice when we decided to get Halloween tickets to Bellevue. The entertainment was good and the food was great! :) It was also here where we proved that Lia is a social butterfly bumblebee. :) She's friendly to the other children and even to lolas near our table, waving and giggling to them when they greeted her.  In the video below, the little bumblebee was being friendly to a little pumpkin boy. :)

Before the program ended, here's our little party girl all beat up. Hahaha. :) Battery empty.


Aaaand that's the roundup of Lia's first Halloween party! :) I wonder what she'll be next year.  Her dad says Pocahontas maybe?  Hmm.  Let's see. Happy Halloween, everybody! :)


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