Thursday, November 24, 2016

Our Little Schoolgirl: The First 3 Days

Lia is officially a school girl! :) We enrolled her in Kindermusik (Sing & Play for ages 1-2 years) and she's loving it!

Left: Taken on Day 1 before we left the house.
Right: reading again with daddy at the "transition room" before the class started.

Day 1 family photo op with Teacher Marah :)
"Peek-a-boo!  I see you!" :)
"I see you hiding there! Lalalala..."
Her favorite part of the class: parachute time! :)
Day 2 with the bells! :)

Day 3 with daddy! :)
With the banana and watermelon plushies she didn't want to let go of. Hehe.

Overall, Lia's first 3 days in school was pure fun!  She's very active, walking around and interacting with the other babies even in the middle of activities.  Hehe. We can tell that our daughter is far from being shy, just like the mommy daddy! =P  She speaks loudly, shouting "socks" when the teacher brings out puppet socks as props.  She says "shik shik!" while jiggling the vegetable shakers. She's talkative and noisy and it's a joy to just watch her. :)

So far, we're liking her classes at Kindermusik!  What's also good about it is the fact that there's "Kindermusik@Home," a learning resources site that helps parents extend the music, magic, and learning from class into the home.  With each learning theme, parents would receive a full album download of the classroom songs, stories, activities, and more!  I already got the first batch of downloads, and I'm excited to teach Lia at home! :)

This is their current read in class, and we get to read it to her at home. :)

Guide to activities that we can do with Lia at home. :)

The current sem will end in March, so Lia still has a lot of classes to go.  Wiiii! Cheers to more days of fun, music, and learning! :)


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