Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Riella Pinya

This Halloween, little Lia has a second outfit - a pineapple onesie and crown! :) Hehe. Inspired by the pen-pineapple-apple-pen craze these days, my creative officemate Agatha made the costume for Lia.

At Lia's room before we headed out. :)

We went to Alabang Town Center for lunch and so that I could drop by the Belo Baby booth located there.  We did not go trick-or-treating anymore because our ref is still full of treats from the other day's Bellevue party.

Rolly and I were supposed to be a pen and an apple, but only Lia came in character. Hehe. :)

The little girl was happy parading in her DIY outfit! :) A number of mall-goers took notice of the tiny pineapple baby who kept on removing the crown on her head.


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