Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sweet 2016

'Tis the last day of sweet 2016, and I just couldn't let this pass without recognizing the best of this year.  As always, God has been in full control, so it was an awesome 12 months overall! :)

  • Lia turned 1.  March was a busy month because it was our little girl's 1st birthday. We had a simple party with friends and family to celebrate the life of Lia whom we prayed for for what seemed like a long time for hubby and me.  As I write, she's now 21 months old!  Our baby is a ray of sunshine and a ball of happy energy!  She talks nonstop and dances like there's no tomorrow. Rolly and I will always have her on top of our yearly highlights. :)
She was a bunny because it was Easter Sunday! :)

  • Dream Number 2. What used to be just a daydream is slowly becoming a reality! :)  We're still far from the completion of dream number 2 because it's pretty big but Rolly and I are extremely happy that it's been officially started.  Years from now (hopefully in just a year or two), this will have been 100% accomplished! :)  Thank You in advance, Lord!

"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

  • South Korea. I have been blessed to work in a company where great work is given great rewards, like this incentive trip in April to South Korea. :) Thank you, bosses! :)
Marketing chicks at Nami Island. :)

  • Saigon.  Spent my birthday with my favorite person in Vietnam! :) Though anything war is not my cup of tea, this trip was a highlight because it made the hubby happy. Parang s'ya ang may birthday.  Hehe.
Braved the Cu Chi tunnel! :)

  • Buntis Body Begone. Hahaha, byebye buntis pounds! :)  This year, I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, though I think that weight only lasted for a few months! Hehe.  But still. =P Thank you, Gold's Gym Alabang!  It's been weeks (or months) since I last visited. Not sure if I have the will to go back anytime soon, so I am also not sure if I can ever get to my dream weight soon.  But that's okay! I'm happy being round, it's just not very convenient sometimes. =P
Back to 113 in 2016! :)


Aaaand that's it pansit! :) 2016 was sweet, with its fair share of challenges.  There were a number of struggles along the way, struggles which I no longer remember because I always choose to only retain positive thoughts.  I wonder how many more awesome things will come my way in 2017?  I am beyond excited! :)


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