Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another Story, A Dreamy Resto in the South of the Metro

The love month is here! And though Rolly and I always say we don't need Valentine's Day to celebrate love, we join the mushy fun anyway, hehe. We usually spend Valentine's several days in advance to avoid the Valentine congestion on the road and in restaurants.  This year, we found ourselves at Evia Lifestyle Center and there, we discovered Another Story, a dreamy restaurant and cafe that instantly captured my heart!

The moment you enter, you know at once that whoever designed this place must have put a lot of thought in putting everything together.  The interiors are whimsical and eclectic, it's like you're stepping into a storybook! The mismatched chairs, the lovely lamps, the quotes on the walls, and the colorful couches are all a feast to the eyes.  I also love the lighting and the overall ambiance.  All these details make the dining experience just amazing! :)

And did I already mention that the food at Another Story is great, too?  I just didn't take photos because I focused all my energy on taking in what my sense of sight could hold. Hubby and I had Another Story salad, Another Story big breakfast (served all-day), pasta margarita, roast chicken, and nutella cheesecake, and all tasted great! :)

We will definitely keep coming back until hubby and I get to taste all these in the menu.  We'll bring Lia, too, so she could feel what it's like to be in a fairy tale storybook! :)

From hubby and me, Happy Valentine's, everybody! :)  Love love love!


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