Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lia Turns Two

Today, our little Lia turns two, and it makes me go happily senti.  She used to be so tiny and helpless; now, she's very active and tall and strong! :) How time flies. Thank You Lord for this very precious gift.  Words can't say how much we love her.

Hmm, how do I describe my two-year old Lia?  One word immediately comes to mind - madaldal! :) We could say her language skills are relatively advanced.  Her vocabulary is wide for her age, the words she says and understands are too many to count. She can already say phrases to convey what she wants, like "Drink milk, mommy," "Carry, daddy," or "Watch TV."  She can recite and read the full alphabet and numbers 1 to 20, she can tell you the days of the week and months in a year, she can also recite (but not read) time. She knows colors and shapes, too! :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Eggciting Easter Events 2017

Hi everyone!  We've got 3 weeks and a few days to go before Easter Sunday and I'm sure that by now, many moms are already on the lookout for eggciting Easter egg hunts for their kiddos. As for me and Lia, we already know where we will go (hihi, the mommy is more excited)! If you don't have plans yet, maybe this list could help you. :)

Where: Acacia Hotel, Alabang
When: April 16, 11am to 2pm
Price: P1,100/head. 
Activities: Buffet brunch, exciting activities, games, entertainment, egg hunting, and loot bags.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Children's Vitamins

Do our little ones need vitamins? Well, the answer would depend on the state of your baby’s health and his/her pedia. Some doctors say vitamins are not necessary if the baby is perfectly well and/or is exclusively breastfed, while others prescribe supplements as a default. Regardless of what your take on this may be, I am listing down below the most commonly used and prescribed vitamins for children. :)  In no particular order:

Cherifer.  Comes in oral drops and syrup. With Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and is rich in nucleic acids essential for the stimulation of growth. Contains Vitamin A for improved vision as well as Taurine for optimum brain-development. Has 150% RDA of Vitamin C for increased resistance against infection.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Price Survey of XL Diapers

One of the many things motherhood has taught me is how to be frugal. :) Ever since mommy-hood hit in 2015, it has been my practice to do regular price surveys of Lia's daily essentials, and diapers are on top of this list.  It was October of that year when I last posted a price survey on nappies, and it was all about medium-sized diapers then.  Today, let's do XL because Lia's "choco-butt" no longer fits small, medium, or large. =D

Date of Price Survey: March 03, 2017
Where: SM Supermarket, Southmall
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