Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lia Turns Two

Today, our little Lia turns two, and it makes me go happily senti.  She used to be so tiny and helpless; now, she's very active and tall and strong! :) How time flies. Thank You Lord for this very precious gift.  Words can't say how much we love her.

Hmm, how do I describe my two-year old Lia?  One word immediately comes to mind - madaldal! :) We could say her language skills are relatively advanced.  Her vocabulary is wide for her age, the words she says and understands are too many to count. She can already say phrases to convey what she wants, like "Drink milk, mommy," "Carry, daddy," or "Watch TV."  She can recite and read the full alphabet and numbers 1 to 20, she can tell you the days of the week and months in a year, she can also recite (but not read) time. She knows colors and shapes, too! :)

Our baby is also very polite, she says "please" and "thank you" and "sorry" most of the time, during appropriate moments. She knows how to pray, which always begins with the sign of the cross.  After that, she always automatically says "Lord, thank You for baby" because that's what she hears when we pray out loud before sleeping. :)

Lia loves to sing, too!  And she's quick to memorize lyrics, both in English and Filipino. :) Besides her nursery rhymes, her current favorite songs are Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up and the Tagalog classic Bahay Kubo.  It is also her habit to request for songs, but the moment you sing it, she'd ask for another one. Hehe.

Our Lia enjoys school so much!  She loves her teacher and classmates, always remembering them when we're listening to songs from her class at home. She's participative in class, dancing and playing and singing and listening to stories.  It's a joy to watch her interact and be friendly with the other toddlers.  I guess our baby is really growing up already. :)  Huhuhu.

When she was much younger, she would always prefer daddy to carry her and put her to sleep.  Now the tables have turned, she's more clingy to mommy! Hooray! :) She always looks for me and asks me to carry her, she even wakes me up in the morning when she's up earlier.  It's very heartwarming! I guess babies really have parent favorites in phases, and the two-year old phase is mine! :)

Speaking of favorites, the character she loves the most now is Jollibee. Whenever we would pass by a store, she'd be all giddy and shout "Jobee-liiiii!" She also likes Jollibee spaghetti, that's why her lolo and lola would always bring her this as pasalubong when they visit.  When she turns three, maybe we could do a Jollibee kiddie party. :)

Haaaay my baby... thinking about how much Lia has grown makes us very happy and proud. She's smart and sociable and always cheerful, just like what we've always prayed for her to be.

Happy second birthday, Lia! :)  Daddy and Mommy will always be here for you, guiding you and keeping you safe. We love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever! :)

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