Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Brushing Fun for Our Little Ones

Caring for our child's teeth and gums is very important to ensure that they won't have tooth decay and their breath will stay as fresh as a baby's.  But no matter what stories we try to tell them about cavities, it's not always easy to get them to brush, especially with a toddler like my Lia.  It was easier when she was much younger, but now that she's two and is easily distracted, brushing her pearly whites is somewhat a chore.  

Buy hey, I am not one to just give up when she doesn't want to brush her teeth!  So how do I get her to do it? We make it FUUUUN! :)

  • We sing songs.  Lia loves singing and dancing, and I tell you, there was never any brushing session with her that didn't involve a song! Most times, we even watch brushing videos while singing, and her two favorites are below.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder

I grew up using baby powder. My mom used it on me when I was a baby, and I had been using it until my teenage years, on my face, neck, dibdib, braso, and kilikili! :) Because it’s almost always hot in the Philippines, I couldn’t leave the house without it, and in high school, my friends and I would even put loose powder in the folds of our hanky for use when it’s time to freshen up.

However, word has gotten around recently about the potential negative effects of talc powder ---its link to the big C and the harm it may cause to the lungs when inhaled, especially by babies. Though there’s no conclusive evidence that proves this to be true (hey, I grew up okay naman despite my talcum use), as a mommy, I feel uneasy. Let’s put it this way: in anything and everything that concerns my little Lia, I am more cautious and wary and OC. Better safe than sorry!

It’s a good thing that now, there’s the new Belo Baby Talc-free Powder! I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about harmful powder ingredients touching my baby as it’s carefully formulated without talc, gluten, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and most common allergens. The powder is all-natural, and it’s made from finely milled rice and maize that absorb moisture, keeping baby’s skin soft, fresh, and dry. 

Belo Baby Talc-free Powder is available in supermarkets and department stores for P219.75 :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lia's First Moving Up Day

Last month, April 1st, our little Lia experienced her first "Moving Up Day," and she got this Kindermusik certificate plus a musical note "medal," hehe. :)  It was a proud moment for hubby and me, especially after we had a little chat with her teacher and school directress, teacher Marah.

According to teacher Marah, she seriously thinks that our daughter is relatively "gifted" and "advanced."  Her participation in class and the way she handled herself with the other kids were evidence to that.  My heart skipped a bit when I heard these things!  I realized, ganito pala maging parent.  You're beaming with pride with every accomplishment your child achieves, no matter how small.  Imagine, this is not even real school yet and my heart was already bursting at the seams!

To my dear little lady, thank you for making daddy and mommy proud! We're happy that you enjoyed your first sem at school, with praises from your teacher even, and we congratulate you for that. :) As for me and for your dad, as long as you're having fun, then we're having fun! No pressure at all, just continue your love for books and letters and numbers and songs and dances like how you do now, and you'll be fine. Love you, smart girl! *kisses*

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