Friday, May 19, 2017

Lia's First Moving Up Day

Last month, April 1st, our little Lia experienced her first "Moving Up Day," and she got this Kindermusik certificate plus a musical note "medal," hehe. :)  It was a proud moment for hubby and me, especially after we had a little chat with her teacher and school directress, teacher Marah.

According to teacher Marah, she seriously thinks that our daughter is relatively "gifted" and "advanced."  Her participation in class and the way she handled herself with the other kids were evidence to that.  My heart skipped a bit when I heard these things!  I realized, ganito pala maging parent.  You're beaming with pride with every accomplishment your child achieves, no matter how small.  Imagine, this is not even real school yet and my heart was already bursting at the seams!

To my dear little lady, thank you for making daddy and mommy proud! We're happy that you enjoyed your first sem at school, with praises from your teacher even, and we congratulate you for that. :) As for me and for your dad, as long as you're having fun, then we're having fun! No pressure at all, just continue your love for books and letters and numbers and songs and dances like how you do now, and you'll be fine. Love you, smart girl! *kisses*

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